Visual bot builder without coding

Eliminate the chaos of promoting your products and services across channels using AI chatbots. Have customer conversations automated and focus more on your business strategy.

What you see is what you get

Easily insert messages and play around with our intuitive Visual Flow Editor.

Design once, use multiple times

Set up the conversation once then deploy it on as many channels as you like.

Expandable for developers

Incorporate rich features with in-line scripting and complex integrations.

Easy to use
for Business Owners

Chatbots are here to ease support workloads. Why make it hard to have them?

Manage product lists automatically

No more switching to a third-party app. Our built-in CMS stores and updates data right in the app.

Create humanlike conversations

Chative keywords recognize customers' messages and give them suitable answers.

Collect data, order, and booking

Learn from customers’ data and better understand their needs.

Seamless Chatbot-To-Agent Exchange

Take over the reins from your bot when it can’t seem to handle difficult conversations.

Seamlessly transfer back and forth

Chative chatbot knows when human intervention is needed and refers to a human agent with ease.

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce manual tasks and optimize the team’s efficiency with the help of chatbots.

Ready-made templates
to launch chatbot faster

We have a wide range of chatbot templates across various industries. Simply clone the template, change to your brand name, and all is done!

Food & Beverage

Let customers browse menu and make an order.


Make online shopping easier and quicker.


Give advice, manage data and book appointments.


Browse services and submit booking requests.

A platform that developers will love

A low-code chatbot platform with built-in programmable editor, in-line scripting, and multi-platform integrations.

Do complicated on-the-fly calculations

Perform mathematical calculations while designing the conversational flow.

Code right into your chatbot

Go technical with inline scripting for API calls, complex calculations, and integrations.

Build custom web pages inside chatbot

Handle every use case, ‘link-through’ to other apps via built-in web view.

Add collaborators to your chatbot project

Easily manage and maintain your chatbot in team without revealing the chatbot owner’s information.

Collaborate with others in real time

Invite team members to co-manage your chatbot projects.

Customize roles and permissions

Make your chatbot more focused by adjusting permissions of each feature when assigning it to your team members.

Chative isn’t just a platform, but an ecosystem

Member Contribution

Build up a free-to-access, innovative, and effective knowledge base, where we encourage people to contribute and support each other.


Offer your clients, your friends, or the community of bot builders your pre-built solutions, share strategies, and help them save time by simply cloning your entire bot.


An awesome way to make money by creating chatbots or offering chatbot built-in service via Chative Marketplace. Make money by doing what you love with Chative!

Our vision when we first created Chative was to solve the problem of visualization of customer conversations. Gradually, this vision has expanded to include our desire to create a community-driven eco-system where chatbot enthusiasts, developers, agencies, and businesses can contribute, collaborate, and help in shaping the future of business conversations altogether, via our open APIs, marketplace and community.

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Tuong Le

CTO Chative

Integrate chatbots to your favorite tools

Connect Chative to the tools you use every day to escalate customer issues
and enrich their experiences.



Sync contacts and manage your leads with ease with Zoho integration.



Integrate your chat with the prestigious Wordpress and expand the market share.

Google Sheet


Transfer data back and forth in the spreadsheet within your google account.



Save contacts, nurture potential customers and convert more leads into sales.



Increase your conversion rate with Shopify integration.



Make payments straight in the chat.



Set up a comprehensive integration to unite your business data and stay organized.



Translate human language into computer language to create engaging conversations.

Ready to supercharge your business?

Start exploring Chative chatbots and let us help you grow.