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10 Latest Customer Experience Trends and Statistics in 2022

We live in the age of the customer. Today’s customers expect brands to accommodate their preferences and want to do things their way.

Customer experience might be challenging to quantify with a KPI or precise metric. Yet it significantly impacts how satisfied and devoted your customers are to your company. Hence, it’s crucial to be aware of market trends to swiftly adjust your plan to the most recent market information and produce a cherished consumer experience.

These are the 10 valuable statistics and big trends around customer and business behavior that will define CX in 2022.


66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs

Businesses that follow a cycle of anticipating and satisfying client requirements might achieve quick and fruitful results. Knowing your customer’s demands and wants is essential before launching a new product or conducting company promotions.

Salesforce polled more than 6,000 consumers, and the results showed that 66% of respondents thought businesses should be aware of their wants and requirements. Additionally, 82% of poll participants expect shops to be able to meet their expectations and accommodate their preferences. This limits the potential for error in your marketing and customer service strategies.

You need to establish a customer-centric business committed to meeting client needs if you want to provide a positive customer experience.

Customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience

4 Ways to Make It Easy for Customers to Give You Their Money
Customers will spend more if they know they’ll receive excellent service
(Source: Entrepreneur)

People who receive good customer service feel heard and valued. It keeps a human element while minimizing friction and increasing efficiency.

In practically every industry, one out of four customers is prepared to pay up to 10% more if they are assured of receiving excellent customer service.

If you provide your consumers with a terrific experience, they’ll spend more money with you, stay loyal, and tell their friends about it. Every organization aims to achieve that.

What constitutes a positive experience? Speed and practicality. Compatibility, friendliness. Additionally, add a human touch by enhancing technology’s human-like qualities and equipping staff with the tools they need to deliver superior client experiences.

Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than those that aren’t

According to Deloitte & Touche’s research, customer-centric organizations are 60% more lucrative than those that are not, and companies with a customer-focused CEO are 64% more profitable than their rivals.

A customer-first strategy is centered around customers and providing services, products, and experiences that surprise and delight, foster loyalty, and boost lifetime value. 

Leadership support, employee empowerment, and engaging customer experience design are necessary to achieve this.

Most people are also aware that customer feedback is a significant resource because it can be an unfiltered approach to discovering what customers honestly think and what they need and want.

Slow websites and poor aesthetics provide a terrible user experience for young shoppers

Experiencing a Slow Website? Here are 8 Reasons Behind It! | Desuvit
Improve your website speed will make the customers stay longer on site
(Source: Desuvit)

Online buyers between 18 and 24 make up more than 55% of those who find subpar product images and sluggish website loading times unbearable. Compared to other client segments, they perceive these aspects to be significantly more annoying.

Speed is crucial when it comes to anything internet-related. Consumers are less patient when waiting for the information they need and the transactions they want to complete because they anticipate instant gratification.

60% of customers define “immediate” as 10 minutes or less

Online shoppers are becoming impatient more and more. However, they are unlikely to pay more for a prioritized service. Only 22% of customers would pay for service available around the clock.

The information is readily available around-the-clock, virtually everything can be obtained on demand, and everything is individualized in the age of convenience. We want everything right away.

Messaging and mobile-first conversations redefine customer delight

mGage delivers a world-first mobile payments within RCS messaging, creating  a conversational commerce channel | Value Added Services
Don’t ignore the mobile-first generation (Source: Telemedia Online)

This is where digital platforms – messaging in particular – earned their supper.

  • Customers have embraced messaging apps like Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others as a convenient, cozy, and familiar way to interact with brands.
  • According to about 45% of customer service leaders, online chat and messaging apps are essential for preserving productivity and providing high-quality support.

There is currently no turning back. Companies that put customer support in every user’s pocket will succeed.

Improved personalization

Today’s consumers demand individualized interactions from the companies they spend money within all of their interactions, including product recommendations based on past purchases or website usage data.

82% of poll participants believe that shops should be able to satisfy their needs and preferences.

By gathering information about your customers and studying their interactions and analytics, you can take advantage of this trend and gain valuable insights that will enable you to give them the experience they want.

Omnichannel Will be Omnipresent

Cohesive omnichannel experiences are a significant customer experience trend to watch in 2022 because customers want to be able to contact you across channels. 76% of companies say they are increasing their investments in providing a variety of customer service channels.

6 Exciting Omnichannel Trends to Track in 2022 - Acquire
Be everywhere your customers are (Source: Acquire)

Your clients can choose their preferred method of interaction with your company from multiple channels, including chatbots, social media, email, and the phone. However, the quality of service your clients receive as you continue to develop your customer relationships will be significantly different across each of these touchpoints unless they are all connected to an omnichannel customer experience (CX) platform.

Data Security and Privacy Are Now Vital to CX

Customers desire individualized experiences and expect you to preserve the information you have about them that enables you to deliver those experiences. They want to believe that you take precautions to keep their personal information safe and preserve it securely.

  • Customers who believe firms cannot protect their personal information cite a lack of understanding of the consent requests as the reason for their concern (79%)
  • If consumers knew how their data was being utilized, they would feel better about a brand, according to 63% of poll respondents.

You should consistently uphold and prioritize data security for your clients if you want to enhance the customer experience. You can include a clear description of your data practices in privacy rules, ask clients for permission to use their data and outline how it will be used, and be open about any security concerns or dangers that may develop.

Experiences move from automation to prediction

Future-focused companies are enhancing their data and analytics capacities and utilizing predictive insights to connect with their consumers more closely, anticipate behaviors, and uncover CX challenges and opportunities in real-time. As predictive analytics become more prevalent, creating fantastic customer experiences is becoming simpler.

AI-driven bots have established themselves as valuable tools for enhancing agent capabilities. However, businesses that use AI to foresee customer demands and delight customers on a large scale will remain competitive.


The most creative companies have always developed alongside alterations in consumer preferences that have shaped how they market, sell and provide customer support. You will be one of them and outstanding from the entire if you have new approaches to win your customers.

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