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7 Best Practices To Automate Your Customer Service


In the past, managing workflows involved a series of manual steps, from assigning tasks to tracking progress. It was time-consuming, prone to errors, and often led to overlapping support and confusion. Today, workflow automation becomes common in the world of business. It empowers businesses to streamline operations, boost productivity, and provide personalized support to their customers at scale.

Why automation workflow is a must for businesses?

Tapping into a wide range of automation technologies comes with many benefits. Statistics show that organizations are adopting workflow automation solutions to benefit from increased productivity, cost reduction, improved accuracy, and better customer experience.

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The outcomes every business needs

Time savings and efficiency

By automating manual tasks, businesses can save time, increase efficiency, and allocate resources to more critical activities.

Enhanced customer service

Automation enables faster response times, personalized support, and a seamless customer journey, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

Clear assignment and ownership

Automation workflow ensures tasks are assigned to the right individuals or teams, reducing confusion, overlapping support, and improving accountability.

Cost savings and resource optimization

By reducing manual effort, businesses can achieve cost savings, optimize resource allocation, and allocate human resources to more strategic initiatives.

Examples of automation workflow in customer support

  1. Retain customers when no staff is available
  2. Not missing any customer
  3. Maintain instant customer support when your team is busy
  4. Better customer segmentation
  5. Efficient product inquiry handling
  6. Boost personalized experience
  7. Smooth handover

Real-life use cases of automation workflow

Automation workflow in customer service
Automation workflow in customer service

Now you know the incredible benefits of automation workflow, but what does it look like in action? Here are some common use cases in reality for you:

1. Retain customers when no staff is available

Automatically send a message to inform customers when your team is unavailable to respond immediately during non-business hours. This reassures customers that their inquiries are valued and will be addressed promptly. Timely interaction can boost customer satisfaction and maintain positive relationships.

2. Not missing any customer

In the past, staff would manually search through old conversations to avoid forgetting to respond to someone. But today, you can leave that worry behind.

You can use workflow to automatically identify customers who have been waiting for a response and reach out to them promptly. If a member needs to follow up or if there are specific details to remember, a note will be added to the conversation.

You will have a clear context for future interactions. This proactive approach fosters positive relationships, boosts customer engagement, and encourages loyalty.

3. Maintain instant customer support when your team is busy

Imagine a scenario where your team is under a heavy workload, and many incoming customers are still waiting for your responses. What will you do? Do you wish for instant support without any delays? No need to wait for team members to be trained or available. That’s when you need a rule: your AI Assistant will automatically handle those unanswered customers. So, every customer inquiry receives immediate attention and support, even during peak hours or when your team is busy.

4. Better customer segmentation

When customers reach out, the automation workflow labels specific tags to them. So, it is easy for you to identify who you’re communicating with.

For example, tags such as “Repeated Customer” or “New Customer” are added to specific customers automatically. This helps you gain instant insights into their history and preferences, enabling you to provide tailored support right from the start. For repeated customers, your staff can offer special promotions and incentives to reward loyalty. For new or prospective customers, you can focus on persuasion and tailored messaging to encourage conversion.

5. Efficient product inquiry handling

A customer shows their interest in your items, and like magic, the workflow automatically assigns it to the perfect team member with relevant expertise to provide accurate information or suggest alternative options. No more back-and-forth or manual customer transfers between team members with different areas of duty. This streamlines the handling of inquiries, improves response times, and enhances customer satisfaction. You can focus on providing dedicated support that matches your skills, driving customer loyalty, and building strong relationships.

6. Boost personalized experience

If your customer support team is divided into different branches, each serving customers with specific criteria, automation workflow is the perfect solution for you.

For example, each member handles customers from different locations such as cities or countries. When a customer reaches out to you, their conversations will automatically be assigned to the dedicated member catering to that area. Your customers receive support from the member who understands their needs, preferences, and even language, creating a more personalized and effective interaction.

7. Smooth handover between team members

Your team is working, and suddenly, one of your assigned members goes on a break or becomes unavailable. But no worries! Automation workflow steps in to ensure that your work is not interrupted. It automatically assigns another available member to handle the ongoing conversations and respond to customer messages. This ensures that customer inquiries are promptly addressed, with a smooth transition. Let the workflow take care of these behind-the-scenes tasks.

The possibilities of workflow automation are endless and can be customized to fit your specific business needs and processes.


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