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Chative.IO 1.0 Beta: New Documentation

Happy New Year! We hope that 2023 will bring you more success and happiness!

We’ve been working tirelessly for several months to ensure that Chative.IO version 1.0 Beta is coming out in time for the new year. Since our app becomes much more advanced with powerful features and integrations, users should also have general knowledge of our app. Hence, the documentation site is critical for providing all users with a thorough walkthrough of our platform so that they can get the most use of our app.

So, let’s take a look at what we have with our brand-new doc site!

✨ Clearer Outline

We reorganized all sections to make them easier to browse and navigate, and focused more on step-by-step instructions. Users can get most of the questions answered in a detailed yet simplified manner.

These are important sections that users of Chative.IO may need to be aware of to master the app and make it go live effectively:

  • Website Live Chat: proactively engage your customers not only by installing live chat in common e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix,… but also customize live chat.
  • Social Messaging: integrate Chative.IO with your social platforms to manage all conversations across unlimited channels from a single inbox.
  • Team & Collaboration: make use of collaboration to boost team performance and efficiency in sales, marketing, customer support. Users can view reports on team performance, conversation status, and the busiest time period to assign team members to specific conversations properly.
  • Billing & Payment: compare and have a better insight about what benefits users will receive for each plan, choose which is suitable for every businesses with our transparent payment and billing methods.

We also care for every details to make our docs more user-friendly, easy to read and comprehend. That’s why we built up flexible reading modes with dark and light theme.

💡 New Reading Modes: Dark & Light

Nighttime readability of our documentation has been improved by replacing the white flashy background with a darker one. Users now can freely switch between light and dark mode on your own by clicking the sun/moon icon in the upper right-hand corner.

🌐 Multi-language site

Currently, this documentation is available in English and Vietnamese. We aim to make this documentation site open source in the future with the purpose of creating an effective global community that works for everyone. We aim to build a global community where you can contribute your language to the general knowledge base in Chative.IO.

🔥 What’s more?

BUSINESS users can take full advantage of API and customization to customize live chat and decide how it looks and feels in every touchpoint, impressing customers and increasing brand awareness.

So, stay tuned as API and customization will be available soon in the new year!

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