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How To Have More Conversations With Your Customers?

It’s crucial to encourage customers to chat with you. If your live chat volume is poor, you can’t expect a high conversion rate. You are less likely to relieve clients’ problems and convince them to buy the fewer chat chats you start.

You have installed Chative on your website, yet chats are not pouring in. Fear not, there are several quick and simple fixes for that. You may raise those numbers by enhancing the chat widget’s exposure on your website and engaging with visitors where they are.

Customize chat layout that’s impossible to miss

Make your chat widget unique so that it stands out on your website. That’s how to ensure the clients are aware of its availability. 

Colors, themes, team avatars, and custom texts are what you can freely blow your mind to position your brand. Besides, you can grab your visitors’ attention while increasing user response with quick replies that are easily customizable, retina-ready, and responsive. 

Read more about the Chative Chat Widget’s customization possibilities and visit the Chative App to design yours right now!

Highly customizable live chat

Use many languages

Make sure to greet them in their own language. Using the Chative Translation feature, provide services in the customers’ choice languages. If your website is multilingual, it’s one of the best ways to personalize your customers’ experience.

Speaking your customers’ words provides your brand with more than just a simple translation. Additionally, you can lower operational costs by forgoing the requirement to recruit a group of multilingual reps.

For your customers to communicate with you as they engage with your material, include a chat page link in the footers of your emails, newsletters, and social media postings. They can initiate a talk right away, thanks to the chat link, which fosters trust.

It’s more than just a chat link when Chative Chat truly serves as the landing page. What’s this? Almost all parts of a landing page layout can be customized, including the background images, colors, and messaging options. And you already have a new approach to engaging with your customers on every touch point!

Chat with your customers in Chative custom landing page

Place the chat widget on all of your channels

Make sure your customers can reach you where and when it is convenient for them. Your customers might start a business conversation in a way that feels comfortable and convenient using the Chative chat widget on Shopify or WordPress, and your team can have all communication in one place.

Get rid of lead forms

Lead forms are an excellent tool for gathering client data and ensuring the quality of leads. Businesses can gather information before the chat session using a lead form, but they are not required. If your objective is direct conversions, we would opt out of the pre-chat form to increase the number of chats and potential one-off conversions – entry fields based on your company’s objectives. 

In Chative, you can disable the lead form or let your customers skip the form if they do not want to leave their information before chatting. Your customers will not need to complete an additional step to start a conversation anymore. You also can eliminate all extra fields and simply designate the data processing field as required can further shorten the distance. 

Much simpler the process is, more conversations start!

Let your customers free to choose the way they want to connect with you

Finally, be available to chat – don’t let your customers wait

Be wherever and whenever your customers are

Make sure there are enough agents available to accommodate the number of clients using chat during your team’s online hours.

To ensure that each shift is properly filled and that someone is always accessible to answer your clients’ questions, you can set up specified business hours for each agent.

Providing the best customer support service is what you can do to encourage your customers to re-engage with your team later and increase their satisfaction.

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Kate Tran is a story-teller and a marketer at Chative. Her passion is to bring knowledge of chatbot trends to everyone. Despite of her busy schedule, she always makes time to read novels at the weekend.

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