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Release 1.1.1: New Video Instruction for WhatsApp Connection and Exciting Shopify Integration Ahead!

Hi Chative users,

We’re excited to share the latest updates to our product in the November 2023 release. This release focuses on enhancements and fixes to some of our significant areas – Knowledge Base, Settings, Organization Management – as well as general usability improvements.

New Video Instructions for WhatsApp Connection

We’ve created new step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through connecting WhatsApp to Chative. These videos will clearly demonstrate how to link your WhatsApp business account to Chative and configure WhatsApp channels and numbers.

Knowledge Base: Major Reliability and Usability Upgrades

Managing your knowledge base just got a whole lot easier. You can now build your internal wiki faster and manage articles more efficiently.

  • Never Lose Content Again: Added articles, pages, and media will now properly persist without unexpectedly disappearing. You can rest assured that the valuable knowledge you contribute will be safely preserved.
  • Back Navigation Restored: Navigating backwards through your KB content will now function as expected, taking you to your prior page seamlessly without losing your place or creating unwanted new pages.
  • Smooth Big File Uploads: Uploading even very large assets like videos, images, and attachments has been optimized to transfer rapidly without crashing or interrupting your workflow.
  • Page Name Protection: When modifying the icon for a page, the page name will not be impacted or unintentionally changed to “Untitled.” The page name and icon can now be managed independently.
  • Smart Knowledge Management: Organization owners can now view detailed analytics on KB block usage counts. This enables close monitoring of current utilization and capacity to optimize knowledge content.
  • Always Responsive: No matter the volume of articles, media, or blocks – the KB will remain lightning fast and responsive. Editing is seamless regardless of data size for effortless content management.

Organization Management: Streamlined and Secure

In this section, we’ve undertaken significant improvements in organization management to ensure a smoother and more secure experience:

  • Seamless Member Experience: When suspended, members are automatically redirected to other organizations they belong to. This ensures uninterrupted work and a smooth transition.
  • Enhanced Billing Security: Sensitive billing details and usage data are now exclusively accessible to owners and administrators.

Enhanced Onboarding Experience: A Seamless Start and User-Friendly Journey

This section highlights the onboarding process improvements for a seamless start and user-friendly journey:

  • Effortless Access: Newly invited members within the app can seamlessly navigate the onboarding process and utilize the application without any disruptions, even if the organization owner suspends their account. This critical improvement prevents unexpected app behavior, ensuring uninterrupted functionality for newly invited members.
  • Smooth Reboarding: Revisiting the app after a new onboarding release is now a smooth experience. You can navigate through the latest features without interruptions or getting stuck.

Cosmetic Bug Fixes: Enhancing Visual Appeal

We’ve addressed various cosmetic bug fixes to enhance the visual appeal and user experience:

  • Refined Dropdown Behavior: Users will now enjoy a more polished experience, as the flashing line at dropdown input in the app will correctly disappear at the end of words when clicked.
  • Enhanced Readability: The text information about features in the upgrade requirement popover now has a different color from the background, ensuring easy readability for agents.
  • Link Precision: In case the quick access field doesn’t display any results and you’re unsure about the next steps, simply click on the ‘Learn more’ link within it. This will direct you to the documentation, providing easy access to relevant information.

Text Fixes: Clear and Consistent Terminology

Our focus in this section is on ensuring clarity and consistency in terminology:

  • Terminology Update for Feature: The term “AI Agent” has been updated to “AI Assistant” within the app to maintain consistency with current standards.
  • Search Result Clarity: The text “Not found” will now be displayed instead of “Empty inbox” when there are no search results available.
  • Tag Naming: We’ve adjusted the text in the Create Tag popup from “Field name” to “Tag name” to eliminate any potential confusion.
  • Messaging Clarity: When activating a member who was previously suspended, the text in the popup now consistently reads “Activate” for improved usability and reduced potential confusion during the activation process.
  • Onboarding Refinement: We’ve refined the wording in the app’s onboarding process to enhance your overall experience. The improved terminology makes the onboarding process more user-friendly and intuitive.

Spacing Fixes: Visual Harmony and Presentation

In this section, we’ve fine-tuned spacing for improved visual harmony and presentation. These fixes make your experience more visually appealing and user-friendly:

  • Centered Titles: The title of the team performance table is now centered with equal spacing both above and below it, enhancing its visual presentation.
  • Icon Preview: For a more visually pleasing experience, the picture of your launcher icon preview in the channel is now centered, ensuring that the picture on the launcher icon is not squeezed.

What’s next?

Get ready for our upcoming release, where we’re introducing a suite of powerful features crafted to elevate the Chative experience specifically for Shopify sellers. We’re not just launching a Shopify add-on; we’re rolling out essential tools to empower and support you on your e-commerce journey.

We hope these changes enhance your journey with Chative.IO. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please let us know.

We’re committed to continuously improving our product, and we’re deeply thankful for your enduring support and invaluable feedback.

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