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Release Note: Have A More Lively Inbox With Sound Notification

📣 📣 📣 We’re so excited to share with you this big update so far. This week, we release new features with many improvements to bring a “new face” for Chative after hard-working days.

Alert your inbox with sound notification

Suppose you are an agent or simply a person who replies to your customer’s questions day by day. In that case, you might not pay attention to new conversations or incoming messages. This happens not only a few times, especially when you’re on other tabs and do multiple tasks, right?

We heard this challenge from our beloved users, even our support team. And we realize that we need to get a solution to reduce this inconvenience and improve agents’ performance.

How? By informing them about new messages coming to them in real-time.

In our latest version, we had the option to allow users to get notifications through a signal in-app or via email. 

However, an interesting sound would immediately get our notice wherever you are. Yes, this big deal can be resolved with a new feature called Sound notification.

With Sound notification, you can adjust the type of sound you want to receive. Also, you freely change the volume of the sound so that it won’t cause you much annoyance but enough to catch your attention.

Setting up the proper notifications will help ensure you never miss a new message again and assist the right conversation time when your customers need it. From that, staying connected in a conversation and building a long-term relationship with them is much easier for your team. Every member in your team can manage their notification preferences with a bulk of sounds ranging from door bell, pop ding, … to window alerts in their settings.

What’s more in this release notes?

  • Right now, you also can customize the Enter key shortcut to either send a message or start a new line in Chative as your preference.
  • The update enforces you to add the custom field for conversations in the setting page and modify its value accordingly in the up-right hand corner of each conversation.
  • Chative will display a warning notice when you delete a contact.
  • When you access the wrong URL, it will lead you to an error page instead of a loading page.
  • Your discount coupon will be shown clearly on the chart card and applied correctly to your total billing in the Subscriptions section.

🏃 Have fun with the new update!

Don’t forget that we’ll update you about our work on improving and completing our cherished platform – Chative. Hence, we’d be very happy to receive more feedback from you all.

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Kate Tran

Kate Tran is a story-teller and a marketer at Chative. Her passion is to bring knowledge of chatbot trends to everyone. Despite of her busy schedule, she always makes time to read novels at the weekend.

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