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Top 5 The Best Benefits Of Rich Messaging Experience On Website

Facebook Chat Plugin is a live chat powered by Messenger. It allows businesses to interact with visitors on websites effortlessly.

According to a Facebook survey with Boston Consulting, 64% of customers prefer messaging to emails or calls. Also, 65% of the same respondents said they’d be more likely to shop with companies that make service available via chat. 

Most brands use live chat on their websites to enable real-time support. Customers are more likely to buy the product if they receive the help to make confident purchases. 

In this article, we’ll go through the top five advantages of using live chat support on your website, particularly the Facebook Chat Plugin.

Provide stunning support experience for customers

Customers have become accustomed to contacting the business via chat. They enjoy online messaging for various reasons. One of them is that it makes them feel adequately supported and serviced. 

Messenger helps you connect with customers on Facebook and websites while assisting customers to find what they want and send personalized suggestions over Messenger. As a result, you’ll get rewarded with a higher conversion rate. 

Customer expectations for online communication are likely to be higher than for other support methods because of the speed at which you can get help. Being proactive develops trust between you and your clients; even if your customers don’t want an immediate response, they will appreciate your warmth and excitement. They will probably be willing to spend more money on your product and service offers. 

Build a close relationship with customers

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It can help you break down the wall between you and your customers and start creating long-term connections with them.

To improve the customer’s experience with real-time support, you can leverage technology to observe the customer’s traits and tone of voice. Besides, adjusting their assistance style to match the circumstance and creating a comfortable environment can also be easier to achieve. It is easy for the agent to do during the conversation.

No disconnection anymore

All organizations must provide a consistent support experience across all communication platforms. You can accomplish this goal by installing a chat plugin on your website. It will allow you to communicate with your customers via Facebook Messenger and keep them engaged with your business even after leaving the site.

Customers can start a chat on your website and continue it with the Messenger app on their mobile devices. And you may answer them at any moment using Facebook Messenger’s Inbox or a live chat support facility. 

Quick and easy setup

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Now ask yourself: How often do consumers cut companies lose because of terrible service? All the time.

Everybody knows it, but people usually hesitate to implement new changes due to technical barriers. 

We’ve simplified the installation process to make it accessible to all customers. With Facebook’s customer chat plugin, it only takes you a few minutes and simple steps to install on the website, even if you have no coding skills.

Lead nurturing

Other chat platforms don’t help you get a user’s details if they leave in the middle of a conversation. However, when you use the Facebook Messenger plugin, your potential consumer becomes a subscriber the instant they contact you for help. You can re-target them later with Facebook broadcasts, campaigns, or advertising within a predetermined time frame.

This option lets you utilize Facebook Messenger as a support tool for marketing, sales, and relationship nurturing. These features have significantly aided organizations in increasing conversions, improving customer satisfaction, and lowering abandonment rates.


Source: Elfsight

After going through all the above points, it’s clear that Facebook Chat Plugin brings enormous advantages to your business. Providing the service level your customers crave is no longer optional if you want to succeed in the company today.

Using this option is a beautiful alternative, but combining live chat with Facebook Messenger right on your website for a seamless experience could be a better bargain. It allows you to build a solid base relationship with your visitors and leverage that data for future campaigns, sales, and marketing.

If you’d like to have the Facebook chat plugin on your website, let’s participate in the Incentive program that we’ve created in collaboration with Facebook to help you grow your business. 

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