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Team collaboration

Effective collaboration between your team members is an essential part of a successful customer service workflow. Here are some tips showing you how agents can work with each other.

Team collaboration

And before starting to read this document, you need to:

Note: Your account needs to be on the Automation plan to create chatbots and use our automation tools.

Add note for your team

You could add note within the conversation and it will be invisible to your end-user and only visible for your team members. Note is perfect for internal discussion without losing contexts for the note reader.

Conversation default assigned rules

By default, incoming conversations are left unassigned in the inbox. With the Default assignee setup, you can set assigned rules so that incoming conversations are automatically assigned to specific agents by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Members > Collaboration

Step 2: In Default assignee field, there are three options for you to choose from:

  • No one: New conversations will not be assigned to anyone. Agents have to take each of their conversations manually.
  • Random online agent: New conversations will be assigned to any of the online agents randomly.
  • Default for each channel: New conversations will be assigned to one specific agent of each channel. You can change the assigned agent by clicking on the dropdown icon (it could be a human agent or a bot agent).

Auto-assign when agents reply to a message

ChativeIO allows you to automatically assign the agent to the conversation right at the moment you reply to customers, so you don't need to manually assign yourself into conversation anymore.

You can enable this option by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Setting > Members > Collaboration

Step 2: Enable the option Auto-assign conversation when agent reply a message

Note: You can change the assigned agent manually to yourself in the conversation's assigned section or turn on the option Auto-assign the conversation when the agent replies to a message.

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