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Role of your members


Once you’ve invited your teammates, you need to assign roles to them. Custom roles enable you to define agents' responsibilities, so they align with your organizational structure and workflow.

Understanding the role

ChativeIO offers four different roles: owner, admin, agent, and automation agent. Each role is permitted to access different features and functionalities:


Owner is the one who created the organization. They have full control over the platform. They can add new members and ban them when needed. Each organization can only have one person assigned as the owner at a time. Ownership can be changed in the Subscription section. When you give up ownership, you become an admin.


Admins have access to all the features in the platform. Like the owner, they can invite and ban teammates. Furthermore, they can add or remove other admin when they need.


The agent is the most basic role in the ChativeIO system. This role won't have full access like Owner and Admin, but it can access basic features to support customers. There are two types of agents in our system that you can add your teammates, which are:

Please check out the table below for more detail on which features they can access and its limitation:

DashboardFull accessFull access
InboxFull accessFull access
CRMFull accessFull access
Contact ProfileFull accessFull access
ReportFull accessFull access
AgentView onlyFull access
Channels-Full access
SettingAccount profile onlyFull access
TranslationFull accessFull access
Billing-Full access
Addons-Full access

Note: In one organization, you can only have one Owner with multiple Admins, Automation Agents, and Agents.

Changing the role of your members

Owners and admins can change the roles of their team members. To do so, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the Members section.

Step 2: Click the ⋮ icon of the person whose role needs to be changed.

Step 3: Choose a new role for your teammate then click confirm to finish.

After changing your member's role, their new role will be shown in the Role column.

Custom Permissions

This feature is coming soon!


This feature is coming soon!