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Contacts are the customers who have interacted on the business chat window. In this article, you will learn how we categories the contacts and how they work.

Contact Types

There are three types of contacts in our system, which are:

  • Guest: Contacts who visit your site without leaving personal detail such as name, email, phone
  • Lead:  Contacts who interact with your business live chat and leave their information such as name and email or name and phone number.
  • Customer: Contacts will become customers when their customer ID from your business's websites or platforms is transferred into the ChativeIO system using our Live chat API

Note: Lead information is stored in their profile. This data can be collected in the live chat at the beginning of the conversation or being updated manually by agents during the conversation.

Contact Details

Contact data is stored in each contact's profile, and you can find it by going to Contacts > click the contact name.  Here are four types of data about your users:

  • Basic information
  • Custom information
  • Tags
  • Contact note

Below, we will explain how these data types work and how you can make the most of them.

Basic Information

Basic information is a default set of data we already have about your users and you can use it without asking them again from your customer.

As soon as your customer interacts with your live chat, these are the information that will be captured:

  • Name (a person’s full name).
  • Customer type (Guest/Lead/Customer)
  • ID (Contact ID)
  • Email (Customer’s or lead’s email address).
  • Phone number (Customer’s or lead's phone number).
  • Timezone (Customer’s or lead's timezone base on their country)


Besides storing customer info in the custom field, you can now also add the data you want in order to track your customers with a range of message types - from bugs to product feedback, their favorite things, to feature requests using our tag feature.

Contact Note

During the conversation, if you see that there is anything interesting about your customers, and you would like to store them. But you can't find any categories that are suitable for it in the above types, then you can take a small note in each contact detail in the User's Note section.


Custom Data

You can add extra fields to record different kind of data for your contacts. For examples: If you are creating a live chat for your school, perhaps your might need to track the student ID per contact.

Learn more about custom data for contact.