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Set up a simple live chat

Step 1: Sign up for ChativeIO

Create a ChativeIO account easily with some simple steps. After you have log-in into our app, you will need to create a channel, please don't worry, you only need to create one, not install it yet.

Step 2: Configure the team inbox to your needs

For the live chat to work as you expect such as store customer info, tracking customers using tags, having pre-answer to common questions, you will need to go to your account setting and configure them all with these setups:

Step 3: Customize the ChativeIO live chat

We strongly recommend changing the color of your messenger to a color that contrasts against your branding so that your customers can immediately spot it. And you should tailor your welcome message to match your brand’s tone so that people are inspired to get in touch.

Step 4: Install the live chat and start to chat with your customer through the chat window

After you have set up customers' data, customize your live chat appearance, it is time to have it available on your sites and social media platforms and support your customers.

You can start doing that by installing the live chat into your website or Facebook page. When someone sends you a message it will arrive in your inbox and your team can support your customer right there. Here are some tips you can use to create a great response:

  • Get context - The moment a customer gets in touch, you can view their user profile to quickly find out more information about them. You’ll see what plan they’re on, their timezone, tag, their previous conversations, and lots more.
  • Be warm and helpful - Be prepared to explain things in multiple ways to help people really understand your answer. Speak in a friendly, conversational manner and use emojis to build warmth and make people smile.
  • Tag it - You can tag any message people send you to add context to that conversation. For example, if someone asks for a specific feature you can tag it as a ‘Feature Request.’ This helps you group together similar messages so you can easily search for them in the future.
  • Close it - When you reply to a message, you can click ‘Close’ to help clear out your inbox. But don’t worry - as soon as your customer replies, their message will reappear in your inbox.

Step 5: Use automation to optimize your workflow

Coming soon...