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Set up your team

The organization is the heart of ChativeIO. It's a place where you and your team can work together and each organization includes its own team and channels so you can join as many organizations as you like.

Follow the steps below to set up your organization:

Step 1: Fill in Organization's default information

You can customize your own organization's information by going to Settings > Organization. You can change its name, avatar, the timezone so it can be used in the whole system.

We recommend using the names and default information base on your operation info. In this way, you can identify each organization and add new members correctly according to their team in case you have multiple organizations.

fill in information

Step 2: Invite members to your Organization

You will find the place to invite members by going to Settings > Members > click the Invite members button > enter your teammate email and assign their role permissions.

After that, they will receive your invitation email to access your organization and start to co-manage it with you.

invite member

Step 3: Customize your live chat and install it into your platforms

Channels can be created by clicking on the Channels feature on your Navigation bar.

You can create channels for departments, projects, sales,... After that, you can Customize the live chat and install the channels on your websiteFacebook page.

customize live chat