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Update account information

An agent can edit their account profile by clicking your account avatar icon in the bottom left corner, then selecting the Profile option.

Update account information

Change Basic information

After going to your account profile, you can change the following information:

  • Display picture: Your account avatar, this avatar will be shown to your customer.
  • Name: Your account name.
  • Timezone: Your account timezone.
  • Inbox notification: The type of notification you will receive when new incoming messages was sent to your live chat.
  • Email notification: The type of emails you want to receive from the ChativeIO system. Note: For more detail about the notification, please read this article.

Change account password

To change your account password, here's what you'd need to do:

  1. Log out of your ChativeIO account.
  2. Go to the Login page and click the "I forgot password" button.
  3. Type in your email, and an email notification will be sent to your email's inbox
  4. Log back into ChativeIO using your email and newly reset password.