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Live Chat And Ideal Response Time To Your Prospects

With the trend of development, digital transformation is a business prerequisite to help meet the growing expectations of customers. There are several ways to do this, the simplest way is that you just need to listen to what the customer wants. And we can’t help but mention the imperative need that is live chat with instant response. Today, more than 41% of customers expect to direct communication with your staff through your website or other marketing channels. Therefore, if you don’t offer live chat on your website, you’re essentially ignoring your customers.

The reason for this increased adoption is that more than half of customers prefer to chat with someone in real time and online, rather than call a company for support.

If a customer has a question, they are now more likely to visit your website and look for interaction with a member of your team via live chat.

What is Live Chat Exactly?

Live chat (live support) is a technology that provides companies with a way to interact with users as they access the organization’s communications products. Live chat is typically implemented via code inserted on select pages of the website, and organizations can decide which pages to offer live chat on.

Visitors can start a chat session by simply typing a message into the chat window. Behind the scenes, live chat can be staffed by an organization representative or by software that uses robotic process automation (RPA) technology to automate answers to common queries pre-selected.

Feature and Application from Live Chat

Keep customer posted with automatic announcement 

Customer chat software options like Chative Live Chat give customers the option to create messages that will be displayed in a small window just above the chat widget. This feature will keep you informed:

  • Upcoming sale
  • New discount
  • Update the latest features
  • What’s new

And much more. Besides, you can add a link to the message that will help your customers and website visitors to learn more about them.

Canned response

Also known as a canned response, this aspect of live chat software allows you to speed up interactions and save your time. This is accomplished by the use of relevant ready-made phrases to facilitate communication. In a large number of cases, they simply show your agent as a hint when they start typing answers.

Relying on this feature, live support agents increase the efficiency of solution delivery as they are capable of handling a larger number of chat sessions at the same time.

Provide real-time support

Live chat can be used as both customer service and marketing channel for organizations. 

Sometimes, to successfully handle more complex requests, agents must cooperate. And live chat software with collaboration features can increase their communication efficiency. Not only can they use it to track the same session and discuss how a particular request can be resolved, but they can also use it to organize their internal communication.

With well-developed collaboration, your live chat is more than just customer chat software. It also becomes a tool to assist with various tasks, such as categorizing chat sessions, requesting assignment and reassignment, managing priority sessions, creating internal notes, and more.

Track all customers for assessment and planning

Using this feature, you can easily track the movement of your visitors on your website. And with this kind of information, you have access to valuable insights, such as:

  • What pages on your website attract visitors the most and what areas on them get them engaged.
  • How much time they spend interacting with your support,
  • What they usually do on your site before converting,
  • How long does it take for them to convert,
  • Where they seem to get stuck before leaving your site if they don’t convert etc.

Besides, some high-quality live chat software solutions also give you the ability to get transcripts of transcripts and save them for further analysis as needed.

Ideal Response Time to Customers

Customers today are demanding, increasingly connected, and have high expectations for interaction. They expect quick answers, anytime, on whatever channel they choose, so they can move on with their lives quickly.

Customers today want quick information support. They have little patience for the experience and they expect answers on their terms and schedules.

This is true across all demographics but is especially acute among younger consumers. 33% of Millennials are only willing to wait for 1 to 3 minutes to get a response to a customer question before they drop it. 56% of Millennials have switched from one company to another because of poor customer service. Essentially, if consumers don’t give the correct, immediate answer, they’re more likely to leave. more competitors.

Of those who contact a brand, product, or company via social media for customer support, 32% expect a response within 30 minutes. Almost half expect a response in an hour. Facebook recommends a 15-minute response time from brands in its Messenger app.

Benefits that Live Chat Brings to Businesses and Organizations

Live chat software that delights your customers

– It’s convenient. With live chat software for your website, your customers can go directly from your website without looking for additional contact information.

It allows customers to get the help they need faster than using other forms of support. It may take several days to respond to emails. In addition, customers often have to wait for hours to get their problems resolved through the call center. And this can be quite frustrating. With live chat support, the average wait time is reduced to just seconds or minutes.

It increases their loyalty. Further increasing your efficiency combined with a trusted and friendly approach, live chat helps your customers create stronger relationships with your business. Not only will they see you as a brand that truly cares about their problems, but they’re more likely to continue to put their trust in your business.

Companies that use live chat increase revenue and sales

It saves your support agents time. Allowing you to communicate directly with your customers, the live chat tool helps you recognize their hardpoints faster and deal with them with greater time efficiency.

Managing your support becomes cheaper. With customer chat software, you practically no longer waste your money on the many expenses that other types of support, such as call centers, require. You invest only in the best live chat software for your business and pay your agents who can even work from home without a physical space in your company.

Live chat software for businesses to help increase sales. Honestly, every time you successfully offer help, you get a valuable opportunity to deliver a tailored product. Furthermore, if everything is done right, you’ll be more likely to sell it, since you’ve earned your customers’ trust in the past by solving their problems.

It allows your support to take an active role in your relationship with your customers. Not only can you be there for your customers when they need you, but you can be there even before they do. With a feature that allows you to track the behavior of your website visitors, you can easily see if they are having a hard time. This way, you can reach them and help them before they even consider contacting you.

It makes you stand out from the competition and increases your market reach. While live chat software is becoming a necessity for well-run businesses, most are still not taking full advantage of the tool. Enable live chat support, your brand will become more attractive among many other brands that have yet to consider using it to win customer loyalty. And word of mouth from satisfied customers is sure to positively impact your market reach.

Hence,  Live Chat is considered a “ Nice-to-have” platform for virtually every business nowadays.

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