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How to Streamline Support and Maximize Engagement with AI Assistant

How to add AI Assistant

To add AI Assistant to your plan, you’ll need to be an organization owner or admin, and on your desktop.

Step 1: Click on AI Assistant in your sidebar.

Step 2: Click on Create an AI Assistant.

Step 3: After giving the name and avatar for AI Assistant, click Continue.

Step 4: Choose the desired number of Monthly intelligent messages you wish to have.

Step 5: Click on Hire now.

AI Assistant capabilities

The AI Assistant possesses a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Knowledge Base Accessibility: It can access and use information from the Knowledge Base.
  • Memory: It remembers past interactions to improve future conversations.
  • Access Contact Data: It retrieves and utilizes contact information for personalized assistance.
  • Access Contact Tags: It leverages tags associated with customer contacts for better context.
  • Access Conversation Information: It retrieves relevant details from ongoing or previous conversations.
  • Access Conversation Topics: It identifies and addresses specific topics discussed during a conversation.

To understand the capabilities of AI Assistant, please refer to the provided information:

Knowledge Base accessibility10,000 blocks
Memory10 previous messages
Access contact data10 fields
Access contact tags10 tags
Access conversation information10 fields
Access conversation topic