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Enhance Productivity with Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation in Chative.IO allows you to create custom rules and automated actions to streamline your customer support process and boost team productivity.

One powerful rule you can set up is to automatically assign the AI Assistant to unassigned conversations during specific hours, such as after business hours or when no human agent is available. This ensures prompt support even when your team is unavailable.

AI Assistant assignment for unassigned conversations

Automatically assign an AI Assistant to handle new conversations that do not have an assigned agent. Explore how to make your AI Assistant go live automatically here.

AI Assistant assignment for unassigned conversations

Set More Automation Rules

Beyond auto-assigning AI Assistants, Workflow offers a range of possibilities. Create rules to route conversations, automate greetings and responses, add tags, and more. Tailor your automation to match your support workflow and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

Discover the power of Workflow in Chative.IO and revolutionize your customer support experience!