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Lead Generation

Contacts In the Contact report, you can view the number and the percentages of contacts your team has created. Furthermore, you will know which countries they come from, the languages they use, and which channel converts the most visitors to your business.

You can access the Contact report by going to Report > Contact. You can also filter this report by date ranges between the last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days at the top corner.

Track your lead generation

ChativeIO provides multiple metrics to see how many leads your team generated through your live chat channels in the individual charts:

Total number of contacts

With this chart, you will know how many contacts you have generated and which day of the week your organization gets the most contacts. With that data, you can now focus your team’s efforts on converting leads during those days and assign agents to support customers better.

Monthly automated contacts

Monthly automated contacts are the number of contacts that you use automation tools such as chatbot, campaign, broadcast to send messages within that month.

This data is recorded from the date you subscribe to our paid plan, and it will be renewed every month on that subscription date. For example, if you subscribe on 4th Sep, then it will be counted from that date and renewed on 4th Oct.

Note: Monthly automated contact isn't affected by the date range.

Number of Guests, Lead and Customers

After we have viewed the total number of your organization's contacts, let's move on to check out the individual number of Guest, leads and customers from the contacts we have.

These data can help you have an overview of your customer's current status and then have more plans or strategies to improve the organization's performance to convert Guest to Lead or the convert Leads to Customers base for different purposes.

Track contact's basic information

ChativeIO allows your organization to collect your customer's information such as country and language, then gather it into a paragraph report. With this data, you can adjust your support tone of voice to match their culture and enhance their experience.

Here are two basic information:

  • Contact's countries: Besides the number of contacts and their status, you can track the ratio of your contact's countries mostly come from.
  • Contact's language: Contact's language is recorded based on the customer's browser language.

Track Contact's interaction via channels and tags

ChativeIO also allows you to keep track of how customers interact with your live chat through channels and tags

  • Contact by Tags: Define the top 5 most popular tags in the whole organization so you can think of a suitable strategy
  • Contact by Channels: Track which channels where your Leads Come from and the percentage of each channel.