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ChativeIO Inbox is a shared Inbox where all of your conversations are stored. Inbox allows you to connect and build a relationship with your customers at the moment they need in real-time. Interestingly, you can also easily manage and discuss with your teammate right inside that conversation.

To get started with our Inbox, click the folder icon in the Navigation bar menu, here is where you can find ChativeIO Inbox.


Inbox allows visitors to contact you on your website, social media platforms, and here is an overview of how you can use the features in inbox effectively:

  • Manage and reply to conversations with the collaborative team inbox
  • Quickly see customer information on the right panel.
  • See the conversation status and see who you’re talking to customers, the number of assigned and unassigned conversations
  • Filter conversation based on channels and agents
  • Assign conversations to yourself or delegate them to teammates or chatbot.
  • Easily search for conversation content to find similar ones.
  • Add notes to conversations to work out answers behind the scenes.
  • Save time and respond to common questions with can responses.
  • Receive and reply to direct messages to your Facebook page and other social media platforms in the team inbox
  • See conversation volume, median response time, and workload with reports.


All the channel you have created will appear on the left-hand-side panel.

Contact Profile

Each contact will show a list of attributes or custom data associated with this contact or conversations. You can tag or add extra information regarding each contact or conversation within inbox.