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Segmentation & Customization

Besides filtering your contact using our custom and basic information, you can also filter the contact list by tags. This method would work best for a particular tactic in your marketing strategy cause they basically represent recent contact' statuses and actions.

Whereas custom and basic information represent permanent data, tags represent temporary data so they are simple to apply and remove.

ChativeIO provides you with a way to filter groups of customers based on your needs, so you can manage and analyze them more easily. You could funnel your customers based on the tag you have added them or create a filter with specific elements captured during the conversation.

There are two types of filters that you could use in the Contacts:

  • Predefined filter
  • Custom filter

Predefined filter

ChativeIO comes with three predefined filters, and you’ll see these filters at the left panel of the Contact feature.

  • Contact: The list of contacts based on the contact type (Customer/Leads/Guests/All).
  • Last active: The list of contacts who interacted with your live chat in All time/ Today/ This week/ This month.
  • Channels: The list of contacts based on the channel they have engaged.

Custom filter

You can funnel your customers with tags, basic information, and custom information in the filter.

Group your users together based on who they are and what they do in your product. It's up to you!

Note: After filtering the audiences, you can export and download them for further analytics


You can add a tag to a contact in two ways. Tags can be manually added during conversations or automatically triggered by our automation tools. The instruction is as below:

Tag manually

You can create tags and add them during a conversation with customers by enabling the Add note option in the Inbox.

Custom tag manually

After the tags have been added, when you visit these contact details in Contact, they will be shown in the Tag section. You can also manage these contact's tags there as well.

When you click the Manage tags button, it will direct you to the Tag section in the account setting, where you can also create and manage all the existing tags in one place.

Tag automatically (coming soon)

This feature will be available once we release the SMART workflow addon.

💡 These tags can be used to search for tagged contacts, filter the contacts and analyze customer behavior.

Manage existing tags

All the tags you have created above will be gathered in the Tag section of the Account setting. This allows you to see an overview of these tags

Delete tags

To delete a tag, please go to Settings > Contact > Tags.

In the tag section, please choose the tag that you want to delete and click the dot icon in that tag info, then choose the Delete option.

Please note that when you decide to delete a tag, it will be permanently removed and no longer be used to search your conversations, people, or messages.

Custom tag manually

Custom information

Custom information is the data you want to know about your customer besides the Basic information we have set up above. This information can be updated manually by agents during the conversation or updated automatically using our automation tools.

You can create the Custom information elements by following these step by steps:

  1. Going to the Settings > Contact > Custom fields > Click + Create custom field button

  2. Enter the Custom field name and its type of data, and choose the types of data to store the value of the fields in these four data:

  • Text: the value is a text.
  • Number: the value is arithmetical.
  • Date: the value is a date.
  • Yes/No: the value is Yes or No.
  1. Click Confirm button to save the field

Custom tag manually