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6 Best Tidio Alternatives In 2022 For Better Customer Service

Looking for Tidio alternatives?

It is troublesome to discover a one-size-fits-all arrangement when it comes to customer benefits programs. Tidio is no exception—it isn’t idealized for every single sort of business. If you are a Tidio user facing similar challenges or even more, then it is time you consider all the advantages this platform offers and start searching for its alternatives. 

🚫 Pricing is a bummer for users who want to add new extra users to the account. Customers regularly need to involve in the app comfortably and feel fulfilled paying for it. In any case, Tidio has not done that well. Even features like initiating a chat, viewing pages, or visitor notifications aren’t listed in the tool’s basic or free plan, which further makes their pricing an expensive affair.

🚫 The report is too simple because the report has not had much data to use, enough for the support team but not enough for sales and marketing. For example, their report doesn’t have contact by countries/languages/channels, so team marketing and sales don’t have sufficient information to know the proficient way to draw in leads. Moreover, the report also isn’t reliable. The number doesn’t match up with an authentic number.

🚫 Last but not least, it doesn’t appear that the tool is evolving or growing in any way. As one of the users points out on  G2, “The updates to the functionality are also quite rare, and it seems that they’re not really sure where they’re going with the tool – the introduction of the email marketing (which feels more like a redundant leftover than a feature, honestly) kinda confirmed that for me.” 

6 best Tidio alternatives to boost your customer satisfaction

Chative – the pioneer of customizing the interface communication within the live chat market

Chative website

Chative is one of the best Intercom alternatives that you’ll come across. It is an easy-to-use live chat software that offers a better list of features than Intercom at better pricing packages. Chative is a state-of-the-art business messaging platform for real-time service, empowered by live chat and chatbot. Hence, everything in Chative aims for modern minimalism to bring the best experience for customers. 


✅ Convert more visitors to warm leads via interactive messaging and lead magnets. Boost faster response toward all-in-one inbox. Live chat provides beneficial opportunities like tags, canned responses, offline and pre-chat forms, etc. It also allows you to monitor user information and contact notes in the right sidebar. What’s incredibly cool, on the left dashboard, you can easily switch between many different channels and manage them all in one place to communicate with your customers easily.

✅ Make the live chat yours – highly customizable and carefully crafted for the best presentation of your brand with the theme color, header and description text, team avatar, launcher avatar, and Live Chat position. Moreover, at Chative each online channel can customize your live chat to suit each channel’s theme. If the live chat appears in an inconsistent layout with the website’s theme, it may be too far removed from your business strategy and confuse customers.

✅ Customer support that actually cares about you Does it take days to urge answers from Intercom? Do they miss the point half the time? Chative is customer-centric all the way. Our committed client victory group is always there for you, prepared to help with any issue you’ll have.

✅ Satisfying experience for customers and team. With Chative, you can keep your customers happy by making your agent’s work more joyful and insightful by customizing to manage teams such as teammates, Teams and Roles, teammate activity logs, and team assignments. It will help the business to be more agile in supporting customers.

✅ Chative has powerful reporting parts that are simple to understand. The data is displayed in graph and list formats. Metrics include agent availability, conversation response times, customer happiness, and team performance.

Chative Report & Analytics

We get it that customers anticipate a decent involvement with nonstop overhauls and valuable highlights, so Chative group continuously tries as much as conceivable to upgrade various modern features.


🚫 For now, Chative only integrates with WordPress for site builders and Shopify for eCommerce. It will help them be more accessible and easier to set up live chat and also increase conversion rates. However, for more integration, Chative aims to be omnichannel so in the future, other communication platforms like Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc will be soon available.


This is what we are most confident about, which is the affordable price. With only $8 – only a cup of coffee you and your team will have a premium experience with all the features of live chat, and the greatest innovative benefits, Chative also brings to you will make you surprised such as (construct compatibility with the client, increment change rates, etc.)

Chative pricing

What is one reason to choose Chative over Intercom?

Unlike Intercom, Chative has more features at an affordable price. It allows users to make the live chat yours which means you can customize the live chat window to match the brand of the business, and you know the modern minimalism of the live chat will help attract more people to your website and then convert visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into promoters more easily. This should be enough to persuade companies to invest in this assistance tool.

LiveChat – a live chat facility and a separately priced knowledge base and chatbot

LiveChat –  is one of the oldest live chat options available, making it a safe and secure choice. The platform’s major goal, as stated above, is to provide a single location where agents can handle all client communication. 


✅ Offers integration with 200+ platforms to enhance the customer’s experience with your brand.

✅ The live chat is pretty common and offers the usual functionality such as canned responses, tags, archives, file sharing, and whatnot.

✅ If you work in retail, you can take use of the widget’s video experience and screen-sharing possibilities.


🚫 Many of their current clients have complained about the slowness they experience when utilizing this live chat platform. This lag can lengthen wait times, causing consumers to become dissatisfied and depart.


The cheapest plan costs $16/month per agent and includes a live chat, ticketing system, 60-day chat history, and basic customization. The Business plan that encompasses practically all useful functionality will cost you $50/mo per seat. 

What is one reason to choose LiveChat over Intercom?

The key reason, we believe, is a knowledge base function and the ability to combine it with the live chat widget. Users can pick how they want to get help the next time they visit your page: via personal chat with an agent or through a knowledge base.

Intercom – The live chat for the sales starter kit

Intercom – The brand markets itself as a platform that enables businesses to build conversational experiences for their customers. It promises to capture leads right away and store other necessary information that may prove handy for both sales and support teams to create personalized experiences.


Customize to manage teams (Teammates, Teams and Roles, Teammate activity logs, Office hours).

Provides all the information related to a customer in one place to help you personalize their experience.The app interface is nicely listed and very easily understood.


🚫 Despite how useful this tool is, many of its current clients were forced to remove it from their support stack because it costs too much. It could be a costly bargain in the long run, and it could even cut into your support budget. Moreover, the price is complicated and also not transparent enough to decide what plan you should choose.


They have a starter plan priced at $74/month. Besides this, they also have plans like conversational marketing, conversational engagement, and conversational support, for which you need to reach out to their team and request a quote.

What is one reason to choose Intercom over Tidio?

It’s simple to use and set up. In addition, the beginner’s plan includes a complete sales, support, and marketing package for its consumers.

Drift – Everything Starts With the right place, right time, and right conversation

Drift is an ecosystem that gives a lot more than chatbot software. Without a doubt, their chatbot solution is more well-known, but when combined with their live chat system, it provides greater sales and supports outcomes.


✅ Directly integrate with Google calendar to book meetings. And it has its own reminder setting to remind the agent about the meeting.

✅ There are three types of greeting messages to attract customers, especially the full-page greeting, which is very using to capture lead email and information  

✅ Allowing you to identify a specific audience for your company and target them when they visit your website.


🚫 Drift currently lacks a thorough explanation of each feature, and it urgently requires an update. It should also improve its backend, which may be highly perplexing to users.

🚫 The pricing is expensive, and it can cost up to $1500 based on the plan each month. So Drift encounters barriers to accessing SMB customer files.


Drift offers three plans namely Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise. However, you must contact their teams in order to obtain a quote.

What is one reason to choose Drift over Intercom?

The nicest feature about this product is that it makes it simple for your company to track sales and support efforts. With its in-depth reporting, you can track both chatbot and agent performance simultaneously. Moreover, Drift is a powerful platform that is highly secure with security methods for Enterprise customers. 

Tawk. to – a free live chat solution for any business

Tawk.to – This live chat software is one of the most sought-after solutions because it is free. With the ability to help its users connect with customers in 45+ different languages, Tawk. helps businesses improve customer experience personalization.  


✅ Shows information about the visitor. ( country location, how many times they joined your webpage, users’ activity on the webpage)

✅ Easy integration into any kind of website.

✅ The live chat is easy to set up and use. It provides the standard options like canned responses, tags, desktop notifications, and reporting.


🚫 While it sounds like a jackpot platform that offers everything for free, UI is too simple and quite a messy dashboard, so everything is confusing and users find it hard to follow or manage data.


Tawk.to live chat software is entirely free. However, it charges another way by add-on features and services. For example, if you require chat support and wish to engage agents from Tawk.to, you will be charged $1 per hour.

Tawk.to pricing

What is one reason to choose Tawk.to over Intercom?

Want a free live chat software as an Intercom alternative? Check out Tawk.to.

Despite the free plan, they adapt mostly needs of SMEs so many organizations prefer Tawk.to over manually setting up a live chat solution on their website. They provide simple setup choices for integrating their live chat on their customers’ websites, assisting them in avoiding problems. 

JivoChat –  an easy-to-use tool that integrates several types 

JivoChat is a simple application that combines various chat platforms into a single platform, including website chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, phone, Apple Business Chat, and more. 


✅ Visitor monitoring in real-time. You can track your visitors and initiate conversations based on the setup triggers.

✅ Integration with the company’s email, so your team receives all emails and chats in a single inbox.

✅ You can call customers with a video to assist them better by showing a product or sharing the screen.


🚫 Although there is an integrated ticket system, it is not well developed for users to use: out of date, lacks functions, and occasional errors.


Basic: free for the first 5 operators with limited functionality

Professional: $19/mo per agent if billed monthly (14-day free trial)

What is one reason to choose JivoChat over Intercom?

The key to JivoChat is an integrated CRM. Customers’ tickets from different channels are automatically saved in Jivo CRM, where you can plan tasks, create automatic notifications, and set up funnels.


It’s not easy to pick the best software for customer communication. The tool must be reliable and easy to use. While Tidio is a good solution,  other choices may better suit your needs currently. Each one is distinct, with distinct characteristics that can be applied to various scenarios. For example: use LiveChat, Intercom for a stable experience with customizable chat behaviors, go with Tawk.to if you need just a simple live chat and have no budget to cover the costs just yet, use Drift for sales-oriented functionality, or you can also use JivoChat for CRM and omnichannel.

For Chative, you can use all of the innovative features you need for a live chat at an affordable price such as a customizable live chat window with modern minimalism, proactive customer service, accessible and easier for everyone.

We encourage you to try Chative, a comprehensive customer communication platform as you are here. Sign up for a  free 14-day trial to see if it’s suitable for your business. No strings attached.

We hope you’ve found the best fit for your needs!

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