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Chative.Io Vs Tawk.To: Which One Is The Best Fit For Your Team?

Tawk.to is popular with a totally free live chat app that was created to help you find an efficient way to bridge the communication gap with full of basic features you can expect to have an online chat tool.

How about Chative? Is it similar to Taw.to or does it have something interesting needed to explore?

In this blog, we’d like to have an objective brief comparison between two outstanding live chats for businesses, especially SMEs – Chative and Tawk.to.

Big comparison points between Chative and Tawk.to

User interface

There is a quite big gap in the visualization between Chative and Tawk.to interface. 

Tawk.to doesn’t focus much on having a nice UI. The app design is quite simple, features are sometimes placed in the position that causes customers confusion, especially the options that are allowed to be adjusted in the Settings section. Unfortunately, this will make users bored with such outdated and complicated UI.

Meanwhile, Chative has an elegant design for the user’s interface with clear colors and reasonable arrangements for each item and section. The well-groomed features are displayed to attract users’ attention and help them know what to do and where to start in a whole system.

Dashboard in Tawk.to
Dashboard in Chative app

Widget customization

As a free live chat, it’s impressive that tawk.to provides many options that allow you to customize the live chat appearance.

You can change the color and languages applied on the live chat with simple options. Also, you can even schedule the timezone to define which time period your team is online available so that the live chat won’t be ready to run at that time.

Besides, tawk.to has variable functions related to nailing the visibility and feature settings of the live chat such as hide widget in certain conditions or disable some of the behaviors that may annoy you during chatting. 

Chat widget settings in tawk.to

On the other side, there is a wide range of options you can choose from Chative to make your chat widget yours. Theme, colors, position, greetings, even display behavior of the chat widget – you’ll totally reach the highest customization to match your branding and website design.

The thing will make you surprised is that you can make your live chat become a separate landing page to elevate your customer experience when chatting with your business. This option helps businesses personalize the conversation to impress the customers and keep them staying longer on the website.

Chat as landing page in Chative


Because Tawk.to is originally a live chat combined ticket system, there is no automation support in its operational structure. If your business is small and you have no need to simplify and shorten your support or sales process, Tawk.to is a perfect fit for you.

However, if your team is bigger with more than three agents, you may consider choosing a more comprehensive platform that helps you optimize your team performance and elevate your communication better with automation tools, especially chatbot. That’s why Chative has a slight advantage over Tawk.to.

Chative provides a powerful chatbot that you can easily customize for your own and many options allowing you to automate your team’s workflow and manage conversations. Using Chative, you’ll have a true assistant behind the team helping you reduce the number of daily tasks and bring a more seamless experience in chatting with customers.


Reporting is crucial to track and improve agent productivity and customer engagement. 

Tawk.to includes a built-in reporting section with key metrics about live chat, tickets, and the knowledge base. The tool includes all basic metrics that a company would require. However, the biggest drawback is that the data takes a few hours to populate within the reports section, so it cannot be reliably used for real-time reporting.

In contrast, Chative provides robust reporting sections, which are easy to interpret. Data are presented in a variety of graph and list formats. Included metrics provide an overview of agent availability, conversation reply times, customer satisfaction, and team performance.


Tawk.to is unique because it offers the most advanced free live chat capabilities across the major live chat software. However, their advanced features, which are more essential for businesses, and add-on service will be available when you pay a fee to use them.

Hire Live Agents: From $1 per hour

Hire Virtual Assistants: From $7 per hour

Remove Tawk.to Branding: $12 per month

Video, Voice, & Screen Sharing: $29 per month

Therefore, it should be noted that Tawk.to is solely a live chat and ticketing software, not an all-encompassing customer enhancement software with email campaigns and chatbots.

Add-on features pricing of tawk.to

If these are the only features you need, Tawk.to will help you save money. However, if you want a software tool that comes with a broader set of features with automation, then you’ll likely prefer a more advanced software like Chative.

Chative has a simple pricing structure allowing your business to explore all of its advanced features at a very low cost. Starting with $0, you can enjoy Chative as a beautiful live chat with no restrictions. If your team size is bigger, it’s time for you to have them some seats to monitor and manage their workflow efficiently with only $8/member. Surprisingly, a chatbot with automation support will be added to your team when you upgrade your account on the Automation plan with an attractive cost – $15/member.

And that’s it, you have all the functionalities you expect in a live chat, bonus with a smart chatbot, to run your online business but just need to pay a reasonable price. It’s what Chative provides the options to their users in various segments depending on their capabilities.

Learn more about Chative pricing here.

Quick feature’s comparison 

Wanna have a quick look at the main features of these two platforms? This comparison table will help you a lot!

Activity Logs
Member’s role assignment
Multi-languages+105 languages27 languages
Personal greetings
Facebook integration
File Sharing
Advanced Reports and Statistics
Chat Transcript
Chat customization
Pre-chat form

What is the best alternative to tawk.to?

We are here to help you confidently move your team onto Chative, with minimal disruption to your business.

At Chative, we don’t simply offer you a boring live chat that only boosts you to complete your support process with no excitement in your job. We help you design a new, better workflow to not only optimize the communication quality but also create a joyful and seamless experience in two-side interaction between agents and customers.

Without a doubt, it will scale with you for years to come. That’s why we bring to you a worthy alternative over many live chat softwares – Chative.

Explore more about Chative here!


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