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Chative Vs Tidio: Meet The Best Tidio’s Alternative For Your Team

Tidio is a live chat platform all in one place which helps your business communicate with your customers in real-time. Tidio mostly focuses on developing a simple and powerful live chat with the help of a chatbot.

However, with a modern outlook and powerful add-on features in a perfect combination of live chat and chatbot automation, Chative is on the market bringing to businesses a comprehensive solution in online messaging communication.

In this article, let’s see how Chative compares with Tidio. Which one is better to live chat for your business, and discover why Chative is the best alternative to Tidio.

An overview of two live chat platforms

At first, Tidio started as a live chat that is designed specifically for the WordPress community. And then it evolved into a platform that offers a chatbot and an email marketing solution. Everything focuses on being simple and easy to use. Originally, in 2013, Tidio was published as a live chat that mainly supported real-time customers and converted them into customers.

However, Chative is more than a simple live chat that offers a shared inbox, assigning customers, we also provide amazing chatbots, omnichannel solutions, marketing solution automation tools, and a lot of other features so you can automate your work process. 

Chative supports installing your live chat into multiple types of websites and social platforms and we don’t focus only on the eCommerce industry like Tidio but in other industries as well. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for an alternative to Tidio, here’s why you should consider Chative.

Discover how Tidio compare with Chative

Highest Plan$39/month$15/month
Multi channels
Multi organizations
Shared Inbox
Conversation internal note 
In-line live chat
Chatbot scripting
Chatbot advanced features
Chatbot collaboration
Advanced Reports and Statistics
Pre-chat survey
Brand removal 
Pricing detailSee pricing See pricing

Big comparison points between Chative and Tidio

Manage multi-channels and organizations in one account

In Tidio, users can only apply the live chat in one chat widget even though multiple sites are supported inside the system. So if you want to have another live chat system in Tidio, then you will need to create another account.

Tidio chat conversation panel

One standalone live chat isn’t enough anymore, multi-channels are what most businesses seek. 

This could potentially double the customer support team workload since they have to switch for and back between two accounts in order to support their customers. And since you have more than one account, the cost you have to pay would also increase as well. 

Meanwhile, Chative focuses on providing customers the best experience by allowing them to add different live chat channels into different websites, Facebook pages, … 

Or if you want to have another team to handle different types of customers or channels, you can always create another organization and add other agents in to help you. Amazing thing is that everything can be done and managed inside only one Chative account.

Chative multi-channel inbox

Your staff can access and answer the customers in multiple channels at the same time, inside one shared inbox. Everyone can work from the same view and always be clear who’s responsible for what and what do to next to support customers.

Live chat appearance customization

Both products allow live chat customization, but if you take a look at each individual setting inside it, you will see the huge differences. 

In Tidio, you will be able to install Tidio in live chat window mode on the website or have it appear on an individual webpage. After that, you can adjust its settings as you want to support customers. 

Customize Tidio Widget Appearance

However, you won’t be able to customize the live chat to its maximum potential to match your website brand such as changing the live chat background, showing individual agent avatars, and hiding the Tidio brand name,…These features may seem small but we think is very important to a business to attract customers.

In Chative, besides the live chat window modes and live chat in the full page mode like Tidio, you can also add the live chat inside the website content, so that you can attract customers more during their browsing time. 

Customize Chative Widget Appearance

Furthermore, because Chative focuses on creating a beautiful live chat, so you will have all the permission you need to customize your live chat from changing the background, letting the agent avatar appear during the conversation, changing theme color, setup language that matches your customer browser,…to help you engage with more visitors and convert them into paid customers.

Insight & Report

Reporting is one of the most important elements in your business when it comes to evaluating, tracking, and improving agent performance and live chat engagement. 

Tidio has a reporting system that includes a lot of metrics such as operator performance, conversation, and lead generation results. However, the report only has a little data less than what a business usually requires to make the decision. 

Tidio Analytics

In contrast, Chative provides more detailed and important data related to your live chat performance such as conversation reply times, customer info and latest behaviors, and team performance.

Moreover, you will be able to view each teammate’s individual report and give feedback or some adjustments to them so the whole team can improve better. 

Chative Detailed Report

Which platform should your business choose to use now?

Both platforms have their strengths, if you are looking for a simple and easy to manage live chat system for a small business, the Tidio would be a good fit.

But if you want to step up the game, optimize your workflow, increase chat engagement, and reduce your cost, then Chative would definitely be your best choice. 

At Chative, we don’t simply offer you a simple, boring live chat that only focuses on how to support customers in real-time. We will help you not design a new, better workflow to not only optimize the communication quality but also create a joyful and seamless experience in two-side interaction between agents and customers.

Therefore, let’s start to explore Chative live chat and enhance your team productivity today!

Explore more about Chative here!

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