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Crush Your Holiday Sales Revenue With Chative Smart Chatbot

⚡️ Gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? This is the peaking time for every business to boost up orders and sales with impressive growth hack from chatbot tools ⚡️

Now, start reaping the benefits of having chatbots, and ready to get some tips to impress your customers by providing quickly, easily, and fully customizable service thanks to Holiday Sales Chatbot powered by BotStar.

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Managing the small stuff better to spend more time with people

There are a million low-cost services available to assist you with creating a website, handling shipping and inventory, automating emails, and other tasks. They’re also easier to find than ever before. Most allow you to bypass coding and other technical jargon.

Through integrations, BotStar makes it easier to communicate with customers via chatbot on your website and on other platforms. With the strong chatbot basement supported behind, it gives you the tool to create smart AI assistants that respond to human input.  You can improve the customer experience and provide quick solutions to frequently asked concerns. And one important thing, avoid the type that irritates users by preventing them from communicating with genuine people.

Spend enough time with whatever tools you use to get the most out of them. BotStar is better than ever at automating tedious and time-consuming chores so you can focus on providing better client experiences.

Quick and effective follow-up to customer questions

Although speed is vital, this does not imply that you must constantly answer within seconds. Smaller businesses will find it difficult to handle. It’s more essential to have a good system and set clear priorities.

Build your holiday sales chatbot quickly

Today, we’ll share a prebuilt template that you can use to achieve your sales goals. 💥

It literally requires no effort to set up, so you can start creating a chatbot for your ecommerce all by yourself and see your work pay off throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This kind of chatbot is dedicated to ecommerce. Here are what it functions.

  • Prebuilt flows displaying your products and promotions
  • Offer customer service and answer product quizzes
  • Automate order processing and qualify leads.
  • Offer giveaways, abandoned-cart reminders, and more.

Nail your BotStar Holiday Sales Chatbot Template perfectly

Find our bot templates in your BotStar app here, or go to BotStar template library, search for Holiday Sales chatbot > Preview > Clone.

Starting with our bot template is simple! 😊

Modifying the content in the blocks is necessary to create meaningful conversations with your customers and convey your business’s objectives.

Click on the template and click Clone. You’ll see a prebuilt flow with all the blocks already set up for you. All that’s left to do is to customize the content in the blocks to fit your business.

You can use a template in its entirety, or add and delete any blocks all by yourself.

Let’s say you want to build a chatbot to sell decoration stuff. The pre-built flow is set up for selling clothes, you’ll just have to customize the text by clicking at the block and changing everything in the right tab to your unique business, then you’ll be ready to go.

Consistent communication and style

Customers should be able to identify you based on your design components, messaging, and communication style. It doesn’t have to be complicated or sophisticated. It should be as straightforward as feasible. It also needs to be consistent with your store’s branding and make sense to your target audience right away.

Don’t just rely on online marketplaces and social media. Use them to spread the news, but always link back to your website.

This point may appear to be the simplest, yet it frequently necessitates the most effort. There isn’t a technological panacea for this. You’ll need personnel who can work effectively together and understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it to pull this off.

Take over the conversation with live chat

The entire process can be boiled down into using a chatbot. But this doesn’t negate the fact that humans are still needed to handle more complicated issues.

We designed a button Contact Admin through the conversation for those who cannot find answers themselves or want direct support. That makes it easier to navigate and seek help whenever they want. You will be notified via email and can offer customers support service via our multichannel inbox immediately and never leave the customers on their own.

To sum up

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Year-end is coming ,and consumers are in the mood to buy. If you want to capture sales and take full advantage of this holiday season, kick-off now and convert them at scale to grant your  Black Friday holiday success.

Want a live chat for your specific use cases?

Visit our BotStar Template page to find out what suits you best.

Or, wait for a new big combination from Chative when the prebuilt chatbot template is ready to use in Chative app!

Sound great, right?

With this incoming update, let’s take a look at other things Chative can do:

  • Multi-Languages 
  • Bot-human Collaboration
  • Broadcast & Campaign

To explore more features and chatbot functions, visit our documentation page.

Looking for assistance on building a fully-functional live chat for your business?

Contact our support team via help@chative.io for further assistance or learn more about our special offers available with our Automation Plan.

Start your Black Friday campaign right now!

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