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Facebook Chat Plugin: Hassle In Converting Leads Is Not A Problem Anymore

Challenges in lead generation that every business meets

Source: Cience

No responses to communicate promptly

Timing is crucial when it comes to lead nurturing. Leads can leave your site if your teams leave a question unanswered for too long. If you follow up on online requests within 5 minutes, your leads may change their minds.

That also means your leads are seeking something that will benefit them. They may change their buying decision to any other business that responds faster at any time.  

It’s not mobile-friendly

Imagine your business has a site only available to visit on desktops. Some potential leads want to have a closer relationship with your business but cannot because they have to use a mobile device to access that site. 

Is it possible? Of course not.

More customers and businesses use mobile devices to buy, read the news and communicate with service providers. And as a result, your lead-generating efforts must match this market need.

There’s no way to easily get in touch with your business

If there is no email, no chat, or phone number for customers’ support questions while browsing, visitors will go to other sites to get better help. Make the contact information accessible for customers to contact you. 

Remember that people won’t do business with you if they can’t reach you.

There’s no personalization

Leveraging personalized data can make it easier to form a relationship with potential clients. You may enhance open, engagement, and conversion rates by just adding a person’s name to a message.

Create an enjoyable, one-of-a-kind experience with your visitors and customers’ information (name, location, interests). It will be a lot better than saying, “Hello website visitor!” to everyone.

How Facebook Chat Plugin can help you to make sale activities become more effective

Source: Struto

Here are some key ways that the Facebook chat plugin’s chatbot enables lead generation automation to enhance sales conversions.

Answer FAQs instantly 

You can answer common questions with a chatbot in seconds, giving visitors on your site immediate answers to keep them around.

Save on staffing

You save most of your money on staffing costs using automation and chatbots.

Alert a human to take over the chat at any time

Get the best of the world by setting up your website chat to have a human takeover if questions can’t be answered by the bot.

Mobile friendly

Messenger is available for mobile communication, so there is no better way to communicate on mobile with your customers.

Save new contacts as leads

You can message them anytime when you get contact on Messenger, even if they leave your website. But with live-chat platforms, you can’t message them unless they are on-site!

Using the Facebook Messenger plugin, you will make it easier for your clients to contact you in the most understandable way possible. They don’t have to use Facebook to communicate with you anymore. They can do it with Facebook Chat Plugin instead when they are on your website.

Thus, conversations can be accessed across many platforms or websites. You can continue conversations on your website when you start conversations on Facebook.

Furthermore, the Facebook Messenger plugin includes features like payments and rich media. It makes closing the sales cycle much more straightforward.

Finally, you can keep track of all your chat history.  And you won’t miss any customer’s original request or complaint.

In conclusion

After you’ve installed the Facebook Chat Plugin on your website, you’ll see that it’s a natural extension of your communication. There’s no need to learn any new programs. You also don’t need to download any new apps. Because you’re already utilizing it, you don’t need to hire someone to keep an eye on it.

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