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How to Leverage Knowledge Base for Team Collaboration and Enhanced Customer Support

Welcome to the Knowledge Base Documentation, where we'll guide you through unlocking the full potential of our Knowledge Base feature.

Knowledge Base in Chative.IO

Getting started​

In this article, we'll help you set up and optimize your Knowledge Base for AI and human agents. By storing knowledge in this system, you'll empower your team to provide excellent support. Let's dive into the world of knowledge together!

There are three types of definitions in Knowledge Base, which are:

  • Category: An organizational folder to group related pages in the Knowledge Base.
  • Page: Individual sections within a category that contain specific information or topics.
  • Block: The building blocks of content, such as text, images, headings, lists, web links, and various media types. Blocks can be easily manipulated and arranged within pages. Blocks are created using the icons + and ⋮⋮.

💡 It's worth noting that the availability of blocks and their features may vary depending on the pricing plan you choose.

These levels work together to organize and structure information in the Knowledge Base, making it easier for users to navigate and find the knowledge you need.

Creating a page​

💡 When creating a page, give it a clear title and meaningful content, which can include verified information, topic summaries, or your personal thoughts and opinions on important matters.

To create a new page, click the + icon when you hover over the category in the sidebar. A blank page will appear where you can give it a title and start typing, just like in any other document.

This image dispays a new blank page in Knowledge Base!

Block commands​

To access block commands, simply type tab in the editor or click on +, and a list of options will appear. You can search for specific commands by typing their names and choosing from the list of options.

Available block commands include:

  • Text: To Insert a text block for adding content.
  • Heading 1: To add heading 1
  • Heading 2: To add heading 2
  • Heading 3: To add heading 3
  • Heading 4: To add heading 4
  • Ordered List: Adds a numbered list.
  • Bullet List: Adds a bulleted list.
  • Image: Adds an image block to display visual content.
  • Video: Incorporates a video block to embed videos.
  • Attachment: Adds a file to the article.

These block commands provide flexibility and allow you to include various types of content in your document, enhancing its overall presentation and engaging your readers effectively.

This block shows the options available for customizing a block in Knowledge Base!

Text formatting​

BoldCtrl + BCmd + B
ItalicCtrl + ICmd + I
UnderlineCtrl + UCmd + U


The following shortcuts can be performed in the block editor.

CopyCtrl + CCmd + C
CutCtrl + XCmd + X
PasteCtrl + VCmd + V
Paste without formattingCtrl + Shift + VCmd + Shift + V
Add a linkCtrl + KCmd + K
Add a line breakShift + EnterShift + Enter

💡 Save time by copying content from other platforms and effortlessly pasting it into the Knowledge Base to avoid the need for manual typing and expedite the process.

Images, videos, and attachments​

With our Knowledge Base, you have the seamless ability to enrich and illustrate your information by incorporating various types of media, including images, videos, and attachments.

Please note that each PDF, document, image, audio, and video file is subject to a size limit of 10MB. Additionally, it's crucial to use the supported file formats specified by our system.

💡 When you upload a file within a message, it will be securely stored within the ChativeIO system. For more information on how we handle your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy."

Optimize your Knowledge Base for AI Assisstant​

Knowledge Base and AI Assistant​

AI Assistant learns from the data stored in the Knowledge Base to provide intelligent responses.

By utilizing the knowledge and insights from the Knowledge Base, AI Assistant can become a valuable resource, offering accurate and relevant information to users.

How to train the bot using the Knowledge Base​

AI Assistant can access the Knowledge Base in real-time, enabling it to provide prompt and accurate responses, contributing to a more satisfying user experience.

This image shows the category selection setting for AI Assistant training!

For detailed instructions on setting up and integrating the AI Assistant with the Knowledge Base, please refer to our comprehensive AI Assistant Setup Guide.