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How to Manage Customer Engagement Across Channels With Your Team Members

Chative.IO is the ultimate workspace where AI Assistant and your team members collaborate seamlessly to provide exceptional customer support. We offer a range of powerful features and functionalities specifically designed to optimize and automate your workflow, enhancing collaboration and boosting productivity.

This documentation provides you with guidance and resources to optimize team collaboration within the platform.

Team Collaboration and Management

Getting started

Here are the key steps for you to optimize your team collaboration in Chative.IO:

  1. Invite your team members to join your organization. Assign them specific roles that match their responsibilities.
  2. Create, customize, and automate tasks by setting up Workflow, eliminating repetitive and manual work.
  3. Create your Knowledge Base, where you can store necessary information, including FAQs, product catalogs, policies, and more. This centralized repository allows your AI Assistant and team members to quickly access, learn, and provide accurate responses to customers.
  4. Implement the best practices to make the most of automation features and boost your team's efficiency even more!