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The Amazing Chative – A Smart Live Chat Solution For Your Business

 Today we’re excited to introduce Chative – A cross-channel messaging app for businesses. Featuring the most popular messaging tools, Chative offers brands a simplicity, speed, and convenient solution when it comes to responding to customers’ questions or solving a problem online.

Multi-channel messaging in one platform 

Chative live chat can be used in all of your customers’ preferred channels, whether that are websites, Facebook, or Messenger (The list goes on!) With a multi-channel management dashboard, you can now easily control all your business channels in the same room. Any updates can happen here and be seamlessly synced in the live environment.

The app offers a new experience that makes sending, receiving, replying to all-over-the-place messages go better than ever from a single inbox. Switching between your channels is effortless, allowing you to shift focus to conversations as soon as the conversation strikes. It also offers contextual customer identification, real-time notification, integrated communication, and agent productivity tools to ensure agents are effective.

Diverse options for live chat display & appearance 

Chative live chat outperforms with a fully customizable chat interface and diverse options for display modes. Appearance settings allow you to adjust various aspects of your display to ensure that live chat works well with your websites.

You can choose a theme, change the language, update images, behaviors, or select additional display options if you’d like.

Also, there are three adaptive displays to match your business’s needs:

Live chat: a small embedded chat window on your company website. You can decide where the live chat should appear.

Chat as landing page: a page that is home to a live chat and live chat only to fully capture people’s attention. You can use a variety of screen features to suit your business styles and keep it stay on-brand.

Chat as content: The chat persists across your web pages and their subdomains. It’s merged as a part of your web interface for an interactive website experience. 

Choose the display modes for your welcome messages, implement multi-language, adjust text alignment to make right-to-left (RTL) language chat users feel more at home.

Ultimate experience optimized for online messaging 

We make the entire experience, from live chat setup to messaging experience, simple and seamless.

Text is enlarged to improve readability, photos and files shared are sized to fit the chat window, conversations can be scrolled smoothly, file sharing is available for all types of documents, and doesn’t require any additional steps both on agents and chat users’ end.

Live chat is still editable in the Channel Management dashboard after being enabled. View options are added and can be switched off at any time so you can see the live chat layout under chat users’ point of view before publishing it and make adjustments accordingly.

Visual, detailed dashboard & reports with performance numbers 

With its intuitive interface and ability to showcase data in simple graphics and charts, Dashboards & Reports help users to get the most out of their data, team, and business performance. You can download reports with insightful data to share with others. The result appears in a clear layout that makes it easy for the user to read and gain insights.

Coming soon…

Smooth Automation for Automated Messaging.

You can save time by streamlining daily tasks in Chative and by automating certain actions related to messaging. It’s coming in our next release. Purchase confirmations, tracking order info, birthday and anniversary greetings, customer-service tickets, and abandoned cart reminders are all types of messages that automated messaging can tackle.

Seamless humans and chatbots collaboration 

Chatbots will no longer be something too hard to handle. With Chative, you can build and manage chatbots easily with visual flow and simple drag-and-drop functionality. In Chative,  humans and machines can enhance each other’s strengths. Smart machines are helping humans expand their abilities, not replacing them.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots are built to answer common customer questions, help customers resolve simple questions and concerns quickly, and free up agents for complex, human interactions.

Our live chat app comes FREE for all users with everything you need to implement a proactive service. While we also offer a paid subscription with an affordable price of $8, our 1,000 early subscribers can immediately enjoy 50% off a lifetime subscription with the code CHATIVE21EB

Hit the gas and join us at https://app.chative.io/auth/signup

We’ll continuously add helpful features to our product, please check back for further updates or leave your contact and we’ll proactively keep you posted!

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