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4 Key Reasons Why Institutions Should Use Live Chat

A new semester is coming closer, so it’s time to have everything in line for student recruitment. The competition in higher education is fiercer than ever, and universities need to create an environment that stands out from the crowd to attract the best candidates. Meanwhile, choosing a university can be challenging for students, and they want to be sure that the institution they choose has a positive image, efficient operations, and is responsive to their needs. This is where live chat comes in.

Live chat provides a range of benefits for institutions that can help to enhance communication and build positive relationships with prospective students. Not only does it improve reliability and friendliness, but it can also increase accessibility, provide personalized communication, and support anti-bullying efforts.

Capturing Prospective Students

In today’s digital age, students are looking for institutions that offer convenient and accessible methods of communication. Live chat provides just that, enabling prospective students to get their questions answered and connect with institution officers in real-time. This can help to build trust and establish a positive image for the institution, making it more appealing to prospective students.

According to statistics, support via live chat was well received by students studying online and in a blended environment, especially for its ability to provide instant, real-time, and convenient help. Online learners reported that live chat gave them better access to staff, and made them feel more cared about by the teaching team.

By providing a smooth and efficient method of communication, live chat can demonstrate to prospective students that the institution is well-equipped to handle their needs and concerns. This can help to set the institution apart from the competition and capture the attention of the best students.

Improving Reliability and Friendliness

Live chat offers a confidential and immediate method of communication, allowing students to voice their concerns and receive help without delay. By providing a positive and responsive experience, student satisfaction will undoubtedly increase.

In fact, poor student support is one of the major causes triggering negative feedback about a university. Basically, when students are not able to get the help they need immediately, they can become frustrated and dissatisfied. This can lead to negative reviews, comments, and feedback on social media and other platforms, which can harm the institution’s reputation and image. That’s why it’s important for institutions to have a robust and responsive student support system in place, including methods such as live chat, to ensure that students feel heard and valued.

Live chat can also help prevent the spread of negative rumors & complaints on social media and through word of mouth, thereby maintaining a positive image for the institution, even in the face of adverse situations.

Supporting Anti-Bullying Efforts

For many students, particularly those of Gen Z who are more familiar with texting and instant messaging, live chat can feel like a more natural and less intimidating way to communicate than traditional forms of communication like phone calls or in-person visits.

Having a live chat option available for reporting bullying can also help create a culture of openness and support within the school community, as students are given a safe and confidential way to voice their concerns and receive help.

Additionally, live chat enables real-time communication, which can be especially important in situations of bullying, where quick and effective action may be necessary to protect the student.

Increasing Accessibility and Efficiency

Simply put, staffs cannot answer two calls at the same time. However, with live chat, officers can be super-efficient superheroes, taking on multiple chats at once to quickly provide students with the support they need.


Live chat is an amazing asset for institutions. Not only can it capture prospective students, but also boost reliability and friendliness while increasing efficiency at work. Take your students seriously is a great way to nurture positive relationships with the future stars of tomorrow and make your mark in higher education.

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