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Why A ‘Personal’ Customer Experience Is Important To Your Business’ Success

What features do some of the world’s most well-known and successful websites share? Despite various economic structures, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube all excel at personalization. If you visit the homepage of any of these websites and are a member, you will see content that is different from what other people see.

Customers expect personalization

86% of customers are willing to spend extra for a better experience, according to American Express research.

In the meantime, a study by the Temkin Group revealed that organizations with yearly revenue of $1 billion may anticipate earning an average of $700 million more after investing in customer experience over the course of three years.

Customers are more satisfied, lower customer churn, and higher revenue for businesses that successfully adopt customer experience strategies. It seems to be a win-win situation.

Surprisingly, fewer than half of all businesses plan to invest in improving the customer experience in 2019. In fact, according to the SuperOffice study, only 44% of respondents plan to increase their spending on CX efforts.

The takeaway: Personalization may be a potent tool in your marketing armory if you’re searching for a method to set your company apart from the competition—and what entrepreneur isn’t?

Simply put, happy customers remain loyal. So, it’s extremely important that you focus on the experience you deliver to your customers.

How important is customer experience?

Because a company cannot exist without its consumers, businesses are concentrating on finding new customers and, perhaps more significantly, finding ways to keep their current ones.

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek survey, “delivering an excellent customer experience” has risen to the top of the list of strategic goals.

According to a poll conducted by Customer Management IQ, 75% of executives and professionals in customer experience management gave the customer experience a “5” on a scale of 1 to 5. (5 being of the highest importance).

Five ways to improve the customer experience

Let’s look at seven methods for developing a fantastic customer experience strategy that will help you boost sales, lower churn, and improve customer pleasure.

Be open to personalization

There are numerous opportunities to personalize the customer experience, from your email marketing campaigns to the customer information that both customer service agents and customer self-service solutions, like automated chatbots, have access to over the course of a customer interaction every other step along the customer journey.

This could entail making specific offers to clients based on their prior purchases, rewarding repeat business with focused discounts, or doing anything else that essentially meets customers where they are in their connection with your company.

From the standpoint of customer service, it might imply that representatives—or customer self-service options—can monitor the entire history of a service request or access a customer’s profile to look up past purchases and other useful information to make sure that customer support is as quick and easy as possible and, ultimately, results in a positive experience for the customer.

Consider omnichannel

Source: Freepik

The omnichannel customer journey creates customer engagement nowadays, and it goes by that name. This means that brands must be well-represented on the platforms where their customers spend their time and money.

But implementing an omnichannel program for better customer experience strategy doesn’t just entail using various channels; it also entails forging strong connections between them, enabling brands to offer a seamless, asynchronous, frictionless, and ultimately beneficial customer experience that promotes conversion, engagement, positive customer feedback, and the possibility of revenue growth.

Make a vision for the ideal customer experience

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Having a distinct vision for the customer-focused future you can share with your business is the first step in developing a customer experience plan. Making a list of guiding principles-style statements is the quickest approach to describe this idea.

For instance, Zappos practices its core family values, which are ingrained in the company’s culture and include delivering wow through service, humility, and accepting change.

Once established, these principles will guide your organization’s actions. These ideas ought to be internalized by every team member and incorporated into all phases of training and development.

Support customers proactively

Source: ROI Solution

Many people are unaware of the fact that client self-help options go much beyond the conventional customer service dynamic of “problem-solution.” For instance, their customer support can provide customers with timely and contextually relevant content that can address customer questions before they even realize they have a question to ask. This is possible when these intelligent, AI-driven solutions are embedded as “help widgets” throughout your website. Our Smart Push product is a fantastic illustration of this and evidence that prompt customer service may increase conversion by as much as 20%.

Capture customer feedback in real-time

Source: Conceptboard

How can you know whether you are giving customers a WOW experience?

You must inquire; ideally, you do this by getting responses immediately. Use live chat tools to hold interactions in real-time, and afterward, use post-interaction surveys and other customer experience tools to send a follow-up email to each customer.

Of course, you can call customers directly to conduct outbound sales and get more meaningful feedback.

Additionally, it’s crucial to link client feedback to a specific customer support representative to demonstrate their impact on the company to each team member.

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