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Why is Chat Plugin Important to E-commerce?

Customer Then and Now

Customers now are not the same as they were 20 years ago.

Back then, a drip series of emails provided a dynamic customer journey. But sadly, it’s no longer enough to keep the attention of today’s demanding customers.

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“Be where and when I am” is what you can see from a customer’s expectation. When asking a marketing or sales-related query, 82% of customers want a rapid response from a business. It’s a customer care issue, clearly. In this case, “immediate” refers to waiting 10 minutes or less for a response from the business.

So what’s keeping your clients from moving with your competition if they can respond quickly?

Now, take a look at a simple scenario. Let’s imagine you’re in your favorite clothing store! You are seeking for your size in a lovely shirt that caught your eye, but you can’t seem to find it. You could be wondering whether they’re out of stock. Is there a half-size option for this shirt?

You search for helpful support staff, but no one is around. There’s only a plaque on the wall that directs you to a phone number where you can speak with a representative. You could do that, but it appears to be a lot of work for a simple question.

So you think to yourself, “Do I really want this shirt?”

Finally, you decide it wasn’t meant to be and walk out empty-handed.

This is exactly what happens on your e-commerce website when you don’t have an asap communication tool. When customers can’t get an answer quickly, they’ll leave your store and look elsewhere.

Five big benefits of chat plugin to handle e-commerce stores

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Messenger, in a nutshell, created a free live chat app that is linked to your Facebook page’s messenger. The Chat Plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience right onto your website. Also, it lets customers communicate with your company at any time and receive the same personalized experience they enjoy in Messenger. 

If you’re still not sure that your e-commerce site requires a live chat, consider these five ways it can help you increase sales.

Save time for both your customers and your company

According to 73% of customers, the most crucial aspect of good customer service is a company that values its time.

That’s right!

Effective customer service is about avoiding wasting customers’ time, not about free shipping or easy returns.

Offering a chat plugin is the most effective approach to respect their time. Hence, clients don’t have to call or wait for someone to react to an email.

The chat plugin also saves time for your firm. It allows customer support agents to handle multiple customers at once, allowing them to be more productive.

Resolve customers’ questions before they get hesitations

Let’s back to the situation I mentioned earlier! When a buyer has a query and can’t find an immediate response, they’re more likely to delay making a purchase. Those inquiries quickly lead to reservations.

Even if your partner responds to an email inquiry within a few hours, the consumer has already lost interest in the product. It will take a lot more effort to persuade that shopper to return to your store than if those queries could have been answered in real-time with a live chat.

Customers can get immediate answers to their questions via live chat, allowing them to continue purchasing with confidence by:

  • Make a product recommendation
  • Provide a price estimate.
  • Set up a meeting.
  • Respond to often requested questions.

Give valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors

With a chat plugin, you can ask clients for feedback immediately after you’ve handled their problem, and it happens in real-time.

So, there is no time for the happy feelings associated with a helpful email support conversation to fade away. Instead, you’re riding the wave of a positive connection that just happened.

Furthermore, live chat provides you with analytics that you wouldn’t get with phone or email assistance. You can track consumer behaviors as they occur on your website with live chat. This includes information on when visitors choose to chat. Also, it indicates typical places of friction in the customer experience and user interface of your site.

Chat Plugin – a powerful tool to embed live chat on a business site

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Chat plugin is really on the skyrocket to help businesses expand their online activities and stay connected with customers.

The Chat Plugin’s major benefit is that because chats are saved in Facebook Messenger, users who sent you a message can be contacted again through the same messenger. Then, using your Facebook broadcast or advertisements with open rates ten times greater than emails, you can re-target them later!

Other chat systems, on the other hand, do not assist in getting a user’s information if the chat is abandoned in the middle.

Customers and prospects can also communicate with your company more easily. The reason, simply, is that they don’t have to open Facebook on their own to start a discussion. They can do it directly from your website instead.

In fact, conversations can be continued across various device platforms and websites. If a conversation starts on your business Facebook page, it can continue via your website or vice-versa.

Sounds interesting, right? You can try out this wonderful solution for your own business right in Chative now.

No-coding, simple steps with free cost, we confidently help you find out a way to utilize your resources but still can grow your business.

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