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Top 3 Website Live Chat Tips For Marketers Before Getting Started

Every visitor visits your website with a goal in mind. Live chat makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and accomplish what they want. Using live chat, you can successfully engage your visitors, generate sales and bring them back again and again by:

·   Quickly connect customers to agents via real-time messaging.

·   Encourage visitors to take actions while visiting your site.

·   Including a pre-chat form to collect key information to address straightforward issues or questions from your customers.

Live Chat – Thinking outside of the text box

Live chat is a chat button on your web pages. It helps you quickly connect to chat with customers as they peruse your website.

But this doesn’t just have to mean a popup text box appearing on the right corner of your page. It’s a part of your website and an accurate reflection of your brand identity. Whether you have one yet or not, try to find a live chat tool that allows you to customize it your way.

It really should be.

A live chat with custom display options keeps it stay on-brand. You should customize your live chat to align with the theme of your website. If the live chat appears in an inconsistent layout with the website’s theme, it may appear to be too far removed from your business strategy and confuse customers.

So, pick the right software and take time to design an attractive one that complements the company’s logo, color, and font type. Also include agents’ photographs and custom welcome messages to make customers feel closer to your business.

Take a look at the below example of how important it is to have a consistent live chat on a website.

 Chative – beautifully designed live chat for business websites

Empower agents with the right tool

Live chat has proved itself essential with customers, who love its immediacy and lack of stress, as well as with businesses looking to make customer service more efficient.

Live chat isn’t just the chat window itself. It’s a complex system running behind. Appearance isn’t everything. When possible, you also need to be conscious of using the live chat app that makes the entire experience, from account set up to messaging experience, simple and seamless for both customers, agents, and whoever will manage the entire system.

There are a variety of live chat platforms that are famous thanks to its ease of use and a great range of features. You can implement chat almost entirely in Setup without writing code. We name just a few:

·   Chative

·   Facebook Chat Plugin

·   Intercom

·   LiveChat

·   Freshchat

They don’t require the need for a different set of skills to agents working on, spend a few minutes reading instructions then login to the app and you’re good to go.

Where possible, pick the platform that is flexible enough to give agents the authority they need in order to resolve a customer’s query themselves – for example, updating contact information, adjusting delivery status, or upgrading customer’s account following a successful upsell, make it available to share customers’ preference among the team. As long as all of this is still under your control, the result will keep getting better.

Cross-channel is key to success

You’ve worked hard to get your business up and running —make sure customers can find you and make purchases in the most convenient way possible.

While cross-channel increases the chance for success by offering prospects more ways to reach brands and find their offers, there are often disconnections and duplicated efforts between different touchpoints and activities leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Small businesses hate paying high costs to run a customer interfacing team but still cannot afford to lose precious leads and customers.

Luckily, technology can help. Cross-channel live chat is here to help you engage with your customers or prospects across every digital channel and any device. From social networks to the web, and across laptops, tablets, and smartphones, providing a truly integrated experience that is relevant and personalized to their tastes and preferences.

So, let’s review.

No matter from which device or channels customers use to chat with your business, consistent brand identity would have a great impact on building trust and help build brand awareness. 

It’s the positive effect of using technology to communicate.

You could empower agents with an easy to set up and easy-to-use live chat. In the end, software was born to make our work life easier. Avoid using the tool that you find frustrating using and taking too much effort to manage.

Chative outperforms with a fully customizable chat interface and diverse options for display modes. We make the entire online messaging experience simple and seamless. Give Chative a try and you will love it!

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