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Ready for an upgrade? ChativeIO 1.0 BETA 2 is released!

It’s another big day for us here at Chative.IO! We’ve just released an update to our platform, which brings us closer than ever before to the full release of 1.0 – and we’re super excited about it!

Version 1 Beta 2 introduces an awesome new in-app support system so you can get help quickly when needed, improved stability with Facebook & Instagram integrations for seamless use within the app, plus loads of bug fixes… all making your experience smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. Thanks again for being part of this journey – now let’s join together in celebrating these achievements.

Leave a message via live chat and our support hero will show up in a flash.

New Feature

👏 In-app support in Chative.IO app

Say goodbye to the old, clunky ticket system – Chative.IO has revolutionized customer support! Our new in-app support system means that you’ll never have to create a new ticket – making it faster and more convenient than ever to contact us. We know that our customers deserve the best, which is why we’ve worked tirelessly to create a support system that meets all of their needs. Try out the new in-app support system now and let us know what you think!


🔓 Unlock email notifications for the STARTER plan

Woo hoo! Good news for all STARTERS 🥳

For all of our amazing STARTER users, the time has come: ChativeIO is offering email notification feature that helps your business delights customers with superb on-time engagement! Email alerts will let you know as soon as there’s a prospective customer waiting for your response – and it’s totally free! Now when you get a new message from your customers, you’ll receive an email alert so nothing slips through the cracks and your customers are always taken care of promptly.

🔍 Search in Inbox is now working!

If you’re in a hurry to find a message, a link, or a file that you shared with your customers, you’re in luck. There is no need to scroll through months of conversations or bumble around many apps just to find a specific message. ChativeIO allows you to search for people and keywords instantly, regardless of which channels they are in.

We’ll show you how to search all your conversations on Messenger, Instagram, Shopify, website, whatever at once:

Step 1: Open Chative.IO app

Step 2: Navigate to the Inbox section

Step 3: On the conversation sidebar, tap on the search bar

Step 4: Type in the keyword

Search in Omni-channel Inbox

Once you type in what you’re looking for, ChativeIO will show you all the chats where the keyword appears. Not only that, but all your contacts on your website, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Shopify, and other channels that include the keyword will appear.

🐞Bug fixes

And don’t worry about those pesky bugs… we’ve got them all taken care of too 😉

  • Fixed Facebook and Instagram page loading errors on the Channel section
  • Fixed the color of the loading bar on the Channel section
  • Fixed a bug where the first section of the Channel section would collapse unexpectedly
  • Fixed a bug where people without permission to connect to a page were able to do so
  • Fixed a bug where changes to the Facebook Channel section would not be saved
  • Fixed an issue where empty conversations were appearing
  • Fixed a bug on the Filter Channel section where the channel selection did not work when clicking on the channel name
  • Fixed an issue in the Inbox section where the search feature was not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue in the Inbox section where the UI for the last message was cut off in the conversation list
  • Fixed a bug where users were receiving too many email notifications for outdated messages

💞 We need your feedback!

Today, we are very close to the official version 1.0. A bunch of work and improvements need to be done, but your feedback and support have been so helpful. On behalf of the team at Chative.IO, thank you, everyone.

Your voice is invaluable! Whether you love our app or think it needs a few tweaks and changes, we would be honored if you shared your thoughts with us. Just five minutes of your time can go a long way – let’s work together to make something incredible! ❤️ Send Feedback

🤝 Join our community

Come join the exclusive family of passionate users and experts on our Discord! You’ll be able to stay in touch with fellow fans, get insider info about new developments, and even pick up a few pro tips. Don’t miss out – it’s gonna be fun 👾 Join community

✌️Stay tuned

There are more great things coming up soon on ChativeIO! 🥳

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