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Seamless Connectivity & Expansion Through Chative.IO API & Webhook

As a live chat and Omni-channel message management software, Chative.IO has excellently resolved the issue of data fragmentation, helping many businesses increase sales and improve customer care processes. Consequently, Chative.IO understands the difficulties businesses face when using multiple software solutions to support customer management, order management, chat software, loyalty systems, and more.

The data of customers in these software solutions are fragmented, making it challenging to manage and lacking consistency in workflow, especially when each software has a different purpose. Therefore, the ability of these systems to exchange information with each other is crucial for improving work processes effectively, particularly in customer care.

That is why our team has made efforts to develop API and Webhook features to assist businesses in integrating their existing software into the Chative system. Effective communication between systems will improve work processes, leading to enhanced employee productivity, improved customer experiences, and more efficient business operations.

Our team believes that the presence of these new features, alongside our upcoming powerful features like the GPT AI Chatbot, Smart Workflow, and Knowledge Base, lays the foundation for creating a fast-growing software ecosystem.

🚀 Let’s take a closer look at the exciting developments we’ve made in the past weeks!

🎉 Introducing API Launch: Empower Your Business Workflow

API is a method that allows software applications to exchange data when they are integrated with each other. Specifically, it enables developers to modify customer information remotely without the need to access the app directly, as the information is automatically updated within Chative.

✍️ According to a survey by Cloud Element, 83% of respondents stated that API integration is an important part of their business strategy. When these systems communicate with each other through APIs, it creates a unified workflow, and customer data is synchronized from one software to another. The company will no longer miss out on potential customers and will be able to make informed marketing decisions by knowing the right target audience.

For long-term business development, companies should invest in customer care software in addition to production costs because customers are becoming more demanding and expect better service. It would be fantastic if customer information from all touchpoints with the business could be received, stored, and updated in all CRM, Ticket, Email marketing systems, and more. This helps synchronize customer information across systems, enables faster and more accurate customer consultation, and provides a highly personalized experience. As a result, customer satisfaction is increased, and their experience with your service is improved.

🎯 We believe that the presence of APIs will revolutionize the operations of various departments and contribute significantly to the development and expansion of every business and its brand.

👀 Visit our developer hub for a deep dive into how to build and use specific integrations.

🎉  Introducing Webhook Launch: Real-Time Notifications Made Easy

What is the difference between Webhook and API?

👉 While an API is used to access available data when requested, Chative.IO Webhook actively sends real-time notifications when there are new customers or when customer information is updated, without the need to constantly check the application for updates.

Why Webhook is a must for your business?

As mentioned, webhooks allow applications and systems to communicate in real time by pushing information or data from one to another. In addition, Webhook offers more benefits that businesses should be aware of and can apply to their own systems.

⚡️ Automate Workflow

The most significant benefit of webhooks is that they allow you to automate workflows within your organization.

With webhooks, developers can set up triggers to determine which events send data to a different application. Since the data transfer is instantaneous, automation is often seamless and effortless. There’s no limit to what you can automate.

For example, CRM software is connected to Chative.IO via Webhook. Whenever customer information is changed in Chative.IO, that information will be automatically updated in the CRM software, ensuring you have the latest data.

⚡️ Deliver Information In Real Time

Chative.IO supports Webhook integrations, which means Webhook allows Chative.IO to communicate live with other software. The information from Chative.IO is delivered to another system in real time, reducing the time it takes to receive the correct information from another system.

With real-time data delivery, there’s no need for human intervention; instead, the webhook will ensure the correct data is sent to the right place.

⚡️ Increase Efficiency

Webhooks reduce the need for the manual entry of data and allow teams to accomplish more work in less time without setting up complicated processes or human error.

Webhooks push data into other applications as soon as an event occurs instead of periodically checking for new information, making processes with webhooks more effective because there’s no waiting time to receive the information.

👀  Visit our developer hub for a deep dive into how to build and use specific integrations.

⚡️ API and Webhook in Action: Unlocking Business Potential

👇 Below are two use cases that our team shares with you on how to effectively utilize API and Webhook in your business workflow and customer support. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team for a free 1-1 consultation.

🎯 Efficient Information Exchange between Systems

If your business operates multiple systems, such as CRM software, Loyalty system, Sales management software, Inventory management software, messaging platforms, and more. It may not be effective unless you consider making all these systems and employees work together seamlessly. This is where API and Webhook come into play.

Let’s take an example:

A returning customer visits your website to make a purchase and has a chat with your agent through live chat. After the customer finalizes the order, the sales management software updates the order details and loyalty points. By utilizing API, the information regarding the customer’s purchase history and rewards points can be synchronized with the Chative.IO system. As a result, your team will have insights on how to provide personalized assistance to each individual, enhancing the customer experience and ultimately motivating them to make further purchases.

💌 Generating Data For Email Marketing To Nurture Your Leads

According to statistics, email marketing activities contribute up to 23% of business sales. If a visitor has interacted with you through chat on your website, it indicates their interest and genuine need for the products/services you provide. This group of customers is worth nurturing.

With Chative.IO API, you can leverage it to retrieve data and transfer customer information to the contact list of your chosen Email Marketing platform (such as Mailchimp, getResponse, iContact, Zetamail, etc.) without manual data entry.

🎉 From there, you can easily create campaigns tailored to different target groups (promotions, congratulations, value-sharing, increasing engagement, etc.).

🗂️ Integrating Data Into CRM Software

The goal of integrating Chative.IO with a CRM system is to save data from Chative.IO into the leads/customer section of your CRM and also to show updated information (e.g. visitor contact info, lead details, account balance, etc.) in the Chative.IO agent’s application (a.k.a. the application where Chative.IO users receive chats from their customers).

For instance, imagine you operate an e-commerce website that specializes in selling clothing and accessories. To provide real-time support to your customers, you have integrated a Chative.IO live chat widget into your website. Additionally, your business utilizes CRM software to manage customer data, sales tracking, and customer behavior analysis.

🎯 After chatting with visitors via Chative.IO live chat on your website, the agents will add their information to the Chative.IO system. And guess what? When an API request is made, Chative.IO will automatically transfer all that valuable customer data into your trusty CRM software. Isn’t that amazing?

This way, you’ll have access to potential customer details, and you can use your CRM software to send out those marketing emails. You’ll be able to promote your products, provide better customer care, and ultimately boost your sales while keeping your customers happy and satisfied. How awesome is that?

🙌 We’re just getting started

This step signals our serious commitment to allowing Chative.IO to work well with the other services you use and develop. Our product development team worked extremely hard on this release —and we’re excited to get your feedback on this version, and your requests for future API functionality.

🎁 Experience The Power Of Webhook & API With a 30-Day Free Trial!

API and Webhook are currently available only on the BUSINESS Plan, and you can experience them for FREE with a 30-DAY TRIAL of our highest-tier solution. Don’t miss out!

🌟 What’s coming?

Exciting developments are on the horizon! Chative.IO is preparing to unveil a range of impressive features including AI Chatbot, Knowledge Base, and SmartWorkflow, designed to revolutionize automated workflows. Keep an eye out and prepare yourself for this game-changing release 🔥

✌️Stay tuned for lots of exciting new ways to use Chative.IO in the future.

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