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How Live Chat Helps SMB Sales & Support Team Keep Up In 2022

In today’s “mobile-first” world, there is one channel where the most prospects are more than any others: LIVE CHAT. 

Live chat is a trend

  •  In terms of live chat support, especially in the US, 47.5% of internet users prefer live chat over bots. Chat users claim that chatbots provide many responses that may not exactly help to solve the problem.
  • Customer satisfaction has risen from 73% to 81%, thanks to live chat. Meanwhile, email got 61% and phone call achieved 44%, based on research of Econsultancy.
  • 50% of chat users expect to see live chat on a site, according to Oracle.

What is live chat?

Live chat is a messaging channel where current and potential customers talk to your business in real-time via a website or Facebook page. By combining the live chat with other capabilities, like a bot, you could give chat users immediate responses to their concerns. 

Think about the way that you’ve talked to people in your life. You probably use WhatsApp and iMessage with family and friends. For work, I bet you probably spend a lot of time chatting to colleagues on Slack rather than in person. 

As you and I talk to people via messaging all day long, chat users/prospects also like to talk to brands or services in that way too.

With that in mind, this article is a comprehensive guide to help you on the journey of how to benefit from live chat!

How can live chat help your business?

Live Chat for Sales

It’s 2021, and customers nowadays have more choices than ever. No one can deny the fact that they are the ones who control the sales process. And the business is the one providing an on-demand selling experience. Here, chat users and – businesses are trying to create a win-win situation. 

According to our research, 82% of website visitors will likely convert into customers if a live agent chats with them first. For companies that are following this trend to create engaged, authentic selling experiences, the optimistic results of their sales speak louder than any word.  

Almost all people think that live chat is about customer support. But they may miss something: live chat can also generate sales!

Also, the combination of live chat and chatbots can convert 36% better. It seems that the immediacy of chatbot and the thoughtfulness of live agents are the best combination. 

With live chat and chatbot support, Dada Cosmetics (from the US) witnessed a massive reach of 120k people along with a 32% in increasing sales.

Live Chat for customer success

Customer Success is traditionally considered a cost center. But in fact, it’s a value driver. 

90% of people confirm that customer service is an important factor in their purchasing process. And the reason why customers left a product/service is 58% related to poor customer service.  

In most cases, whenever a person needs help from customer support, they need to leave a ticket/email.  As you may guess, customers don’t wanna be treated as a ticket. They also don’t prefer to make phone calls to explain their situation. 

The key points are they need your instant, effortless support in a way that makes them feel human.

90% of customers are happy with the fast and dedicated support by using live chat instead of mail or phone support at Daily Lift Yoga and Fitness Center. 83% of current customers are willing to introduce this class to others.

So, live chat is an un-divide part of any customer service. It is not only better for customers, but it’s also better for businesses.

So, how could you and your business adapt to this shift? The solution is simple: deploy a live chat on your website and start to win people. 

Chative – An Innovative Live Chat For Every Sales and Support Team

What is new?

Live chat – a must-have communication tool for all companies. The number of businesses using live chat continues to grow. It’s just a matter of time before your competitors employ it. Get a live chat for your website now, you’ll be one step ahead of them. 

At Chative, the update of the new live chat has brought some wonderful features. Now, you can adjust the text font and size, emoji, and avatar. Besides, the Report and Insight with detailed information on contacts would surprise you. For example, the app can divide chat users based on languages or countries. 

The performance of each agent could be measured, such as how many cases an agent has closed or how long it takes him to resolve an issue, etc. So, you could review and make changes in a workflow where it needs to change.

How to get one?

If you are a current customer of Chative, you could log in to your account right now to try these brand-new features.

If you are a newbie, check here to register for free! Suppose you want to discover more premium features such as removing Chative branding on your chat window or detailed reporting. In that case, you could try it before upgrading accounts to other plans later.

Let’s join the trend and stay on top of it with Chative NOW!

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Kate Tran is a story-teller and a marketer at Chative. Her passion is to bring knowledge of chatbot trends to everyone. Despite of her busy schedule, she always makes time to read novels at the weekend.

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