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Release 1.2.2: Live Chat Upgrade For SEO, 2X App Performance

A while back, a user gave us helpful feedback about how our platform impacts his website SEO rankings. It made us step back and realize – we should be optimizing performance in every way possible to maximize the value you receive from our services. If you succeed, we succeed.

So we upgraded our infrastructure to HTTP/2. This change provides two main benefits.

Reduce SEO Errors

We upgraded our chat widget to HTTP/2, reducing issues that could negatively impact website SEO.

This improvement is vital for positive user experience and SEO rankings. Our upgraded live chat minimizes loading errors and enhances delivery of widget assets.

The widget code has been optimized to be lighter weight. So our chat widget causes less potential conflicts or slowdowns impacting your site’s functionality.

Increase App Performance

The HTTP/2 upgrade means faster web app performance, starting with the inbox area. Because this is where you communicate with customers daily, we focused there first.

You will see the conversation list, message details and customer profile appear 3 times faster than before.

Have you noticed that? If not, or if our platform still feels slow, let us know. We want to keep making it more seamless for you until it feels excellent.

Fix Bugs

Also in this release, we fixed two annoying issues users reported:

  • Previously, you’d hear constant sound pings for every message a customer sent. This may become noisy and irritating. We’ve fixed this to only one ping per conversation thread. You can notice and focus but not disturb.
  • We’ve resolved a bug where you failed to access a closed conversation via URL. Finding and sharing past conversations should pose no hassle.

As always, kindly share any other annoying experiences using the platform.

Improving things is our job. Keep sending suggestions – it truly helps.

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