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Release 1.2.6: Proactively Engage Visitors On Your Sites

Why keep struggling with fragmented, complicated messaging tools when you’ve got dedicated platform right here?

From grabbing attention at the first visit, through nurturing sales-ready leads, to providing outstanding post-purchase support – Chative helps you deliver the best customer experience effortlessly.

The live chat is on your website for more conversations. Attention-grabbing notifications prevent prospects from slipping away. And you have all the customer context at your fingertips for insightful, personalized service.

We’ve been hard at work rolling out that complete messaging solution to make your lives easier.

So let’s dive right into the latest updates!

New Features

🕰️ Control When Your Welcome Message Appears

You choose when to say “hello” to your website visitors!

The new welcome message timing lets you control exactly when that friendly greeting pops up on their screen.

You can delay the message, give them a chance to look around first, or you can make the greeting show up right away.

It’s all up to you – you decide the perfect moment to invite conversation and keep visitors engaged instead of leaving. Small change for a big impact!

Set up now.

🥳 Grab Visitor’s Attention Right Away

You’ve invested heavily in marketing to drive traffic to your online store. Chative helps you maximize that effort.

Imagine as soon as visitors land on your website, a friendly chime greets them with a warm “We’re here if you need anything!”. It instantly grabs their attention and creates an welcoming impression.

A live chat catching both their eyes and ears is a powerful way to start engaging with potential customers right when they arrive, before they have a chance to bounce away.

Set up now.

🎯 Know Your Hottest Leads

We don’t just help you make a great first impression.

Now you know which of your customers are currently browsing your store with a single glance.

See that green dot? This is the perfect chance to swoop in for timely personal outreach while their interest is peaked!

With customer profiles, order histories, and browsing behavior synced automatically to your inbox, you have full context into each visitor’s needs and interests.

You can provide personalized assistance, recommend tailored products, and even create orders, all without leaving your inbox.

Bug Fixes

We’ve been working tirelessly to fix issues and improve your experience. Here are a few highlights:

  • Automatic message composer clearance after sending a note.
  • Preventing unexpected navigation when another agent closes a conversation.
  • Real-time updates for conversations in the quick access section.
  • Synchronized customer name changes across all sections in app.
  • Ensuring messages from Facebook containing links are visible in the Chative.IO Inbox.

Coming Soon: Advanced Customization & Real-Time Visitor Tracking ‼️

We’re not stopping here! Get ready for more advanced and flexible live chat widget customization options, including positioning it anywhere on your website.

Plus, we know what’s missing – the ability to initiate chats with visitors instead of waiting for them to reach out first.

Today’s customers are often hesitant to start conversations, so we’re working on real-time visitor tracking that lets you identify and proactively engage your hottest prospects.

Stay tuned!

What are you waiting for?

Unlock seamless omni-channel experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

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