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Release Note: Big Update With Messenger Integration In A Single Inbox

Tada! Big Updates Released – Chative 0.3.1 📣📣📣

Chative officially informs that our live chat has reached a stable public version. All the bugs were almost completely fixed. So this updated version will get you a seamless experience on Facebook Messenger Integration.

Facebook and Instagram are the highest-performing, most-efficient sales channel in human history.
( Commonthreadco, 2021)

By adding this business messaging channel onto live chat, you can handle all messages from the website and Facebook messenger under a unified Inbox, work effectively with your team and monitor their performance more precisely.

The best thing is, now it’s free of charge!

Notice: This is on the BETA for the stunning features that are under development. Visit here https://bit.ly/3I8sT6L to know how to set it up.

🔼 Other updates

  • Video attachment preview. You can preview the video in the inbox before sending it as an attachment.
  • Browser tab notification. You will be updated with new messages via notifications on the browser tab.
  • Channel setting warning. A warning pops up that agents are not allowed to make any changes to the channel settings.

🔥 Bug fixes

  • [Inbox] Browser tab notification did not update correctly with the number of unread messages.
  • [Chat widget] Name and profile picture of agent joining the chat were not shown.
  • [Chat widget] Member avatars are distorted.
  • [Translation] Preview widget did not update text which had been edited in Translation section.
  • [Inbox] As you were typing a long message, the bottom of text was not displayed.
  • [Inbox] There was a UI glitch in contact details when switching conversations too fast.
  • [Chat plug-in] The avatar of the organization owner was not displayed.
  • [Chat plug-in] Visitor was able to kick off a conversation only when clicking on reply suggestions or starting buttons.
  • [Contact] In previous version, if you selected a contact attribute twice, its data would be shown in incorrect column.
  • [Setting] Tick icon of Chat as landing page does not follow global style of Chative app.
  • [Inbox] Browser tab blinked when you sent out a message.
  • [App] Two toolbars flashed at the same time when clicking on one bar.
  • [Dashboard] “View report” button at performance in dashboard did not show you directly
  • [Setting] Setting titles did not follow setting section.

🙌 We constantly strive to bring you the best experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Kate Tran

Kate Tran is a story-teller and a marketer at Chative. Her passion is to bring knowledge of chatbot trends to everyone. Despite of her busy schedule, she always makes time to read novels at the weekend.