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Release Note: Take More Control Of Your Inbox

Happy Wednesday!

In this update, we have rolled out a more engaging Inbox for better agent performance. Here’s what we’ve implemented:

  • Unread messages have become visible with a purple dot.
  • Inline notice if there is any action like removing agent or closing conversation.
  • Your inbox can display all conversations, besides open or closed filters.
  • A smooth transition when you remove, reassign, or close conversations.

🔥 Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where changes are not saved in Translation page until reloading.
  • Fixed bug where the “invite member” button is not disabled when FREE plan is out of available seats.
  • Fixed bug where messages do not display consistently when switching among sample conversations.
  • Fixed bug where the number of open messages in the sidebar has been updated improperly.

🎁 The more exciting updates are rolling out. Stay tuned!

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Kate Tran

Kate Tran is a story-teller and a marketer at Chative. Her passion is to bring knowledge of chatbot trends to everyone. Despite of her busy schedule, she always makes time to read novels at the weekend.

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