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Frequently Asked Questions

How many channels can I create in my Chative.IO account?

There is no limit to the number of channels you can create in your Chative.IO account. You can create as many channels as needed to connect with your websites and business social accounts, such as Facebook pages, ZaloOA, Instagram Business Account, and more.

Does Chative.IO have free plan?

Yes, we offer a free STARTER plan with no fees. Additionally, we provide a free trial period of 7 days without the need to add a card. If you decide to add your card details, you can extend the free trial to a total of 30 days. Try it now!

What is the difference between member, agent and seat?

In Chative.IO, these terms refer to the same concept. They are individuals within your Chative organization who can assist in managing and engaging with your customers.

What is the difference between account and organization?

In Chative.IO, each user has their own organization by default. You cannot create additional organizations, but you can join and access multiple organizations through invitations.

Is my business and customer data secure?

Absolutely! We prioritizes the security of your data and follows the European GDPR data policy to ensure its safety and confidentiality. Explore our Privacy Policy here!