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What Is Payment Method and Billing Applied for Shopify Users on Chative?

Chative app is now available on the Shopify App Store, ready for installation on your Shopify store. If you sign up and complete the initial onboarding steps directly from your Shopify Store, your payment process works a bit differently. This page is here to explain the specifics of your payment method, invoices, and address common queries you might have.


Recurring charges

A recurring charge represents the monthly fee for your Chative paid plan and any additional add-ons, which is billed every 30 days. These recurring app charges are included in your upcoming Shopify 30-day invoice.

Usage charges

App usage charges are associated with your Chative 30-day billing cycle and represent charges for app usage events such as additional charges for extra conversations when utilizing WhatsApp add-ons.

If your Chative subscription includes usage charges, there may be a spending limit to prevent your app charges from going over a certain amount during the billing period. Once you reach this limit, you won't be able to incur additional charges until a new billing cycle starts. To raise your app spending limit, follow the instructions here.


Payment method

When you start using Chative.IO through Shopify, you need to select a store as your default payment source, which we call your "payment store." This store will be used for your future payments for your Chative subscription.

💡 Please note that if your payment store is terminated, deactivated, frozen, or if you uninstall the Chative app from your payment store, your Chative subscription will be automatically canceled.


Regarding invoice, Shopify manages your payments, so your Chative subscription invoice will be issued by Shopify. If you want to understand what's on your invoice, please check out the documentation here.


  1. Why am I being charged twice for a single Chative billing period on two different Shopify invoices?

You might see two usage charges for the same Chative billing cycle on two separate Shopify invoices because if you incur Chative usage charge after one Shopify billing period ends but before your Chative billing period resets, those costs will appear on your next Shopify bill.