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How to Disable Chative Live Chat on a Shopify Store

Before deactivating live chat on the website, please consider the following:

  • The store will be disconnected from the channel.
  • You will stop being able to send or receive messages from this store.
  • Live chat on your store will not be visible on your store.

Disabling live chat might impact your ability to interact and support customers. Please carefully consider before deciding to disable this feature.

If you still accept these risks, follow these steps to disable Chative's live chat on the website:

Step 1: In the navigation bar, go to Add-ons and select the Shopify add-on.

Step 2: For the connected store, click Disconnect Channel.

Disconnect store from connected channel


Disconnecting live chat does NOT remove the Chative app from your Shopify store. The app remains connected and retains access to store data such as products, customers, and orders.

To completely remove the connection, uninstall the Chative app from your Shopify store. This will revoke access to all store data.

If you want to re-enable live chat later, simply reconnect the Shopify store to the channel. Live chat will reappear on your store.