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Shopify Customer Profile Details Displayed When Connecting Shopify store to Chative

Once you connect your Shopify store to Chative, you can see customer details while chatting. If a customer shares their email during the chat and has shopped at your store before, you will see their information that has been saved in Shopify before, their order history, and their shopping cart - all right there in Chative, without needing to switch apps or tabs.


Orders will only display if the customer's email in Chative matches their email in Shopify.

In the customer conversation, you will see relevant details from the customer's Shopify profile displayed on the right sidebar, including:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Total orders placed
  • Total spending amount

If there's no existing profile for the customer in Shopify, Chative allows you to create a new Shopify customer profile by creating their first order. This automatically generates a profile for them in Shopify.

Shopify customer profile


Remember, you can't change the Shopify customer profile in Chative. You'll need to edit it directly in your Shopify admin.