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Key Concepts You Need To Know In Chative.IO

In this article, you will learn about the essential terms and their definitions frequently used in the Chative.IO platform.



Account refers to the user or organization's registered profile and associated data within the Chative.IO messaging or customer support system.

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The Organization is the place where you and your teammates can create and manage all your live chat channels. Each organization is independent and separate from the others. You can switch between organizations you were added to by clicking on your avatar icon.

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The agent is a chat agent (a human staff or AI Assistant), who can access basic features in the organization. They can be invited to your organization to support your business in customer interactions and be assigned directly to conversations in the Inbox.

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AI Assistant

The AI Assistant in Chative.IO is a smart chatbot that acts as a helpful team member. It can do the same tasks as a human agent, and it comes with specialized features for e-commerce, making customer support more efficient and personalized.

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A conversation happens when customers engage with your channels. These interactions can be managed in the Chative.IO Inbox, where agents can respond. This allows ongoing communication between agents and customers

Conversation label

The conversation label signifies what the conversation is about, assisting both customers and managing agents in understanding the main theme or purpose of the interaction

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Customer label

A customer label allows you to categorize customers into groups like 'happy customers' or 'loyal customers,' enabling convenient filtering within your contacts feature

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Website live chat

Live chat

Live chat enables real-time communication with customers, offering instant support and personalized assistance for better engagement and satisfaction.

Form chat

Form chat is one of Chative.IO's live chat modes. You can add the live chat directly to your website as content and customize its background and color to make it more attractive.

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Landing chat

Landing chat is another of Chative.IO's live chat modes. This mode allows you to display the live chat as a full-page webpage without any other content.

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If you encounter any undefined or confusing terms, please contact us through our support channels, we'll be happy to explain them to you and consider adding them to the list for better clarity and understanding. Your feedback is valuable to us!