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Increase Your Brand Identity with Customization

In the Customization and Branding section, you'll explore two powerful ways to customize the live chat appearance on your website using Chative:

  1. Website Live Chat Plugin
  2. Messenger Chat Plugin
  3. Zalo Widget
  4. WhatsApp Business Plugin

Website Live Chat Plugin

This plugin offers high-level customization for better branding and seamless integration with your website.

  • Appearance: Choose colors and styles to match your website's branding.
  • Behavior: Decide how the chat window appears and set a welcoming message to greet your website visitors.
  • Lead Identification: Capture visitor information to generate potential leads and enhance customer engagement.
  • Offline Message: Offer a form for users to leave inquiries when you're unavailable.
  • Language: Set the widget language for a seamless user experience.
  • Notification: Receive alerts for new chat messages to respond promptly.

For more details on customizing the Website Live Chat Plugin, read our Customize Live Chat for Brand article.

Messenger Chat Plugin

Messenger Chat Plugin is a free chat plugin that allows you to install your business Facebook Messenger on your website. This plugin lets your website visitor directly chat with your business in the messenger chat window without opening any messenger tab.

  • Appearance: Tailor the chat window's design to match your website's aesthetics, providing a seamless and familiar user experience.
  • Language: Set the language for the chat plugin to engage with your customers in their preferred language.

💡 Please do note that Facebook chat widget is not compatible with Chative.IO live chat and we do not recommend enabling both at once.

Zalo Widget

With Zalo Widget, you can engage with customers smoothly within your website.

  • Height: Adjust the widget's height to seamlessly integrate it with your website's layout.
  • Width: Customize the widget's width to fit your website design perfectly.
  • Welcome Message: Create a personalized welcome message to greet customers as they initiate a chat.

For detailed instructions on installing the Zalo Widget on your website, please refer to Add Zalo OA to website article

WhatsApp Business Plugin

We're an official provider of the WhatsApp Business, and we can't wait to bring this incredible communication channel to our platform very soon!! Connect with your customers directly on WhatsApp, offering seamless support and building lasting relationships.