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Building Your E-commerce Team for Efficient Collaboration

In the Workflow & Collaboration Setup section, you'll learn how to optimize team collaboration and streamline your workflow. Follow these steps to set up a smooth workflow and enhance your team collaboration:

  1. Invite Members: Easily invite team members to join your live chat platform, ensuring everyone is on board and ready to collaborate effectively.
  2. Assign agents to conversations: Allocate responsibilities by assigning agents to specific conversations, ensuring prompt and personalized customer support.
  3. Suspend and Reactivate Members: Manage your team efficiently by suspending or reactivating members as needed, maintaining an agile and responsive support system.

For more in-depth insights on creating effective workflows and utilizing rules to assign the AI Assistant to conversations, please visit our Workflow article.

Let's transform your team's collaboration and support efficiency with our Workflow & Collaboration Setup guide! Enhance productivity and deliver exceptional customer support with ease.